Test Driving the Koenigsegg and Bugatti.

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  1. Rosastolen

    Rosastolen2 kun oldin

    I would 100% take the regera because I’m from Sweden so have to pass on the gt

  2. David vo

    David vo3 kun oldin

    I have a BUGATI DEAVO

  3. m0hdt1

    m0hdt13 kun oldin

    I’d also take the konegsegg regera

  4. Banana Peel

    Banana Peel5 kun oldin


  5. Aiden Lin

    Aiden Lin5 kun oldin

    was this your dream james

  6. Far Fear

    Far Fear5 kun oldin

    “Is quite possible the greatest hypercar we have ever seen” as there’s a pagoni casually driving in the back

  7. Frantz P

    Frantz P7 kun oldin

    Somebody tell him thats not a donk ......

  8. Gaming God!!!

    Gaming God!!!7 kun oldin

    U should sell all ur cars and get a chiron

  9. Jerod Stains

    Jerod Stains7 kun oldin

    Regera because it’s my dream car

  10. Gijs' Avonturen

    Gijs' Avonturen8 kun oldin

    regera is the best car

  11. Xavier King’s Toy World

    Xavier King’s Toy World8 kun oldin

    BRO U KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THESE cars are pagani bc top price 3.5 mill chiron price 4 mill koenigsegg price 2 million

  12. Hansen

    Hansen9 kun oldin

    wow you guys don't feel cold?

  13. Jonah smith

    Jonah smith9 kun oldin

    i would say the cherion

  14. Braden Barry

    Braden Barry10 kun oldin

    Regara ALL DAY

  15. Supermachine

    Supermachine10 kun oldin

    I saw a Koenigsegg agera xs and it was 5m

  16. Jake Winstead

    Jake Winstead13 kun oldin

    When he hit it in the Chiron, you could see his soul leave his body like he said

  17. Cole Toliver

    Cole Toliver16 kun oldin

    Yeah, how ARE you so lucky?

  18. ILMAD

    ILMAD16 kun oldin

    I like the agera

  19. EricGamingMLG

    EricGamingMLG17 kun oldin

    Wonderful! Day haha.

  20. hi

    hi17 kun oldin

    I like all fords but why the Ferrari cover

  21. The Guy That's Done Everything

    The Guy That's Done Everything18 kun oldin

    Well this video helped him sell another one of his "driven" books. Not that he needed the sale lol!!

  22. Cameron Bleakley

    Cameron Bleakley18 kun oldin

    I’ll say the Ford Explorer xlt

  23. Daniel Selimaj

    Daniel Selimaj19 kun oldin

    I live in Columbus Ohio

  24. Kylo Bear1234

    Kylo Bear123419 kun oldin

    I wish one day I get a Koenigsegg

  25. Petrichor

    Petrichor22 kun oldin

    I think I’ll take the… Chiron

  26. Adam El-_-

    Adam El-_-23 kun oldin


  27. W0lf4lpha

    W0lf4lpha23 kun oldin

    we just not gonna talk about the supra on the highway

  28. DaniMoto

    DaniMoto24 kun oldin

    Thats a huge dream

  29. Doodletube

    Doodletube25 kun oldin

    I live in Columbus OHIO

  30. The meme Kid

    The meme Kid26 kun oldin

    You posted this video the day before my 10th birthday 😂

  31. Venom

    Venom27 kun oldin

    The rain just messed up my day that day

  32. Elijah Nedd

    Elijah Nedd28 kun oldin


  33. Elijah Nedd

    Elijah Nedd28 kun oldin


  34. Jaeyh Pignatburns

    Jaeyh PignatburnsOy oldin

    I would have the konisegge

  35. babybugy1

    babybugy1Oy oldin

    in my dreams of course

  36. babybugy1

    babybugy1Oy oldin

    Koenigsegg all the way

  37. Larry Woofter

    Larry WoofterOy oldin

    Breh that gas station on the way back in Medina is right by me. Too bad I wish I could've seen these cars damn...

  38. Timmy

    TimmyOy oldin

    I've always wanted a koenesegg

  39. ТачкиТД

    ТачкиТДOy oldin

    4:14 why is he lane splitting lmfao stop



    9:25 you can hear the turbo (SILENT)

  41. Manika Holiday

    Manika HolidayOy oldin

    Get a Amg t

  42. Matt Wright

    Matt WrightOy oldin

    Rip to his father he was a great man

  43. abcd

    abcdOy oldin

    Am Sorry About You'r Dad :(

  44. Chad Milligan

    Chad MilliganOy oldin

    Geez Stradkid is the WORST! 7yr old trapped In a 13yr olds body and more annoying than a group of middle school girls

  45. JMnitro

    JMnitroOy oldin

    You have my respect if you switch the veyron for a Chiron 😎👍

  46. Gage Tucker

    Gage TuckerOy oldin

    Yep this is the first time I’ve seen your channel

  47. Hello YouTube

    Hello YouTubeOy oldin

    Chiron no questions asked

  48. Amy Dostal

    Amy DostalOy oldin

    my friend said if they make a ford super car he would shoot it

  49. Aman Ashraf

    Aman AshrafOy oldin

    They already made a couple

  50. R3kt Rʌvɘn

    R3kt RʌvɘnOy oldin

    I love your videos and your cars can u pls make the video longer pls cause it is so interesting

  51. reid1910ghouls Gaming

    reid1910ghouls GamingOy oldin

    We got 98 in Australia

  52. Favor

    FavorOy oldin

    I actually have a konesg regara

  53. nezar centrual

    nezar centrualOy oldin

    Chron. top speed is 420 km/h 260mp/h

  54. Cracked on Sticks

    Cracked on SticksOy oldin

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care about the cars but I love the house

  55. Cj banks

    Cj banksOy oldin

    This wip crazy looking

  56. Nolan Huntzinger

    Nolan HuntzingerOy oldin

    In Ohio they put a type of salt to melt snow and it also rust all car



    I think using this car because it was in Need For Speed Koenigsegg Agera R

  58. Dawson Kealalio

    Dawson KealalioOy oldin

    he made a funny face at 9:27. lol

  59. Sahil Chhabria

    Sahil ChhabriaOy oldin

    He lives forza horizon 4 in real life

  60. Matthew Conrad

    Matthew ConradOy oldin

    get the chiron

  61. Jeppe Oehlenschlæger

    Jeppe OehlenschlægerOy oldin

    you guys only got 93 in denmark we got 100

  62. Aman Ashraf

    Aman AshrafOy oldin

    This is not in Denmark .

  63. Pennywise

    PennywiseOy oldin

    These guys are really into themselves

  64. So Fly Official

    So Fly OfficialOy oldin

    8:50 poor Johnny

  65. Landonaplane - Roblox

    Landonaplane - RobloxOy oldin

    The titles not as exiting with periods just sayin

  66. James Colbern

    James ColbernOy oldin

    One quick hack to figure out where the gas filler is in the car you are driving, (2:18) is to check the gas guage icon on your fuel guage in the guage cluster of your car ! An almost fool proof method is to check which side the hose is on of your fuel filler icon, (gasoline pump icon) Hose on right side of pump ? Fuel filler on right side of the vehicle ! There may be a few manufacturer exceptions but it was very consistent back in the day, James ! Its worth filing this info away in your brain, try it out !

  67. Upendra Wadekar

    Upendra WadekarOy oldin

    I thought it was

  68. XSU

    XSUOy oldin

    Mans literally living life rn

  69. Parsa Zandi

    Parsa ZandiOy oldin

    your Koenigsegg regera is very very beautiful James

  70. Aman Ashraf

    Aman AshrafOy oldin

    Its not his regera.

  71. Dumb Football

    Dumb FootballOy oldin

    Definitely gonna drive the Ford GT, I think it’s easier to drive than the others honestly.

  72. Aman Ashraf

    Aman AshrafOy oldin

    The ford gt is hard drive because its a manual.

  73. Jacob Garofalo

    Jacob GarofaloOy oldin

    Imagine when he says the rarest hyper cars in the world can you put a picture of a Honda Civic

  74. Sparky Mite

    Sparky MiteOy oldin

    I would do everything In the world just to be able to sit in a Koenigsegg, just to see one I seen Bugatti's never a Koenigsegg but man that's my ultimate dream

  75. cars ST

    cars STOy oldin

    I'll take the Senna

  76. Ruben Martinez

    Ruben MartinezOy oldin

    This dude videos never get boring 🤣🤣🤣

  77. Preston Johnson

    Preston JohnsonOy oldin

    I don't think he understands that when he takes his hands of the wheel he could bankrupt himself.

  78. JKreative

    JKreative2 oy oldin


  79. Visible42

    Visible422 oy oldin

    Reggaro because its sooooooooo fast!

  80. Albert Rafael

    Albert Rafael2 oy oldin

    in romania we have 99 gas

  81. Chanda Clayman

    Chanda Clayman2 oy oldin


  82. loki prime

    loki prime2 oy oldin

    Copieur pog à utilisé la même musique avant toi

  83. Parker Tucker Rose

    Parker Tucker Rose2 oy oldin

    Trade in your veyron for a Chiron

  84. Matthew Tallon

    Matthew Tallon2 oy oldin

    There’s about a 2 million dollar difference

  85. tinyman009

    tinyman0092 oy oldin

    i would take the cheryon

  86. ADJ&Gaming

    ADJ&Gaming2 oy oldin

    i’ve been to marshall goldman it’s crazy that he was there

  87. Ryan Hanley

    Ryan Hanley2 oy oldin

    I would pick the Koenigsegg

  88. Israr Hussain

    Israr Hussain2 oy oldin

    I am so glad that I found you James you are honestly have jumped from being a youtuber I a watch not at all to being my favorite youtuber in the milky way keep up the good work we are hear for you buddy I just wanted to tell that I am so sorry for what happened to you and your girlfriend I hope you never stop doing UZnick massive shout out to the Triple F collection for making this awesome experience work in your favor I love your enthusiasm every time you post you always brighten my day by showing how your daily life.

  89. Israr Hussain

    Israr Hussain2 oy oldin

    Minuda Mandinu Tell me about it, as soon i released my statment i knew i had done a stupid

  90. Pyro

    Pyro2 oy oldin

    Why was the straadman driving over the line lol

  91. uaymet

    uaymet2 oy oldin

    Can anyone explain me something? The regera has only 1 gear, but it has gear shifters! I DONT GET IT WHY

  92. uaymet

    uaymet2 oy oldin

    @Matthew Tallon ohhh ok thank you!

  93. Matthew Tallon

    Matthew Tallon2 oy oldin

    They aren’t actual gear shifters, it just differentiates the power and everything

  94. Monika Deniginiene

    Monika Deniginiene2 oy oldin


  95. Dave Sickofshit

    Dave Sickofshit2 oy oldin

    G stradman why don't you take your half out of The Middle of the road. 😂

  96. Boyfriend

    Boyfriend2 oy oldin


  97. Rodolfo Jr Tovar

    Rodolfo Jr Tovar2 oy oldin

    I seen Supra’s and a Lamborghinis and porsches and corvettes and bmws a

  98. Matt Furniss

    Matt Furniss2 oy oldin

    i live in lehi UT

  99. Campbell Hamilton

    Campbell Hamilton2 oy oldin

    I would get the senna or the chiron.

  100. Yadiel Diaz

    Yadiel Diaz2 oy oldin

    100000% I am taking the ford gt

  101. Jonas Sahlstrom

    Jonas Sahlstrom2 oy oldin

    Getting high on cocaine or hypercars? Both are extremely expensive and equally addictive.

  102. SLS Lawn care

    SLS Lawn care2 oy oldin

    Only 93 Indiana has 97

  103. caps dally dupyy

    caps dally dupyy2 oy oldin

    Stroud of do what happened with your Gallardo can you please give us a update and when is your gladiator Jeep bye

  104. BaconHairz

    BaconHairz2 oy oldin

    the fact that the Pagani transforms that sick

  105. Jenna Mccain

    Jenna Mccain2 oy oldin

    The koenigsegg is 2.5 mil, the Pagani is 2.4 mil, the bugatti is 1.9 mil, and finally the Mclaren senna is 1.43 mil!

  106. josephTV

    josephTV2 oy oldin

    hope one day I'll a have a motorcyle sniper150. im from philippines

  107. 11v63

    11v632 oy oldin

    stradman is the new pog champ

  108. Summer Wardle

    Summer Wardle2 oy oldin