Supercar Shopping for my Next Car.

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Axel Wernberg


  1. Sidharth ks

    Sidharth ks2 kun oldin

    Who is here after he bought the murci

  2. Emigdio Almazan

    Emigdio Almazan5 kun oldin

    999k views that’s awesome

  3. The300ZXGuru

    The300ZXGuru9 kun oldin

    its a v12 merc. i know spoiler alert.......

  4. The300ZXGuru

    The300ZXGuru8 kun oldin

    @Aman Ashraf I know right

  5. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf8 kun oldin

    Obviously you watched the video and commented

  6. Cameron Ketelsen

    Cameron Ketelsen9 kun oldin


  7. Carter Folkers

    Carter Folkers9 kun oldin

    Diablo or LM would be crazy


    Fireworks.and.fishing10 kun oldin


  9. Bot

    Bot11 kun oldin

    Suggestion, wide body Bugatti...??

  10. Lucas Stirling

    Lucas Stirling15 kun oldin

    its going to be the murci sheeeessshhh

  11. Crazy Hotwheels

    Crazy Hotwheels17 kun oldin

    I have a car that you can hang on the wall of your house. 2002 Audi TT

  12. It's John

    It's John18 kun oldin

    The countach looks so good with the black on gold I hope he gets it

  13. ReEeE YeEt

    ReEeE YeEt18 kun oldin

    Since your kinda tall no cap I suggest to not get the countage there hard to get into


    SALAH ALJERI20 kun oldin

    Doesn’t royalty exotics has the purple Diablo

  15. Brooks Trix

    Brooks Trix20 kun oldin


  16. Alex mahon

    Alex mahon21 kun oldin

    He is gonna get the purple

  17. TheOneAndOnly

    TheOneAndOnly21 kun oldin

    Its a diablo

  18. jam with gamer

    jam with gamer23 kun oldin

    Buy the mersyalog

  19. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy23 kun oldin


  20. T A R I Q

    T A R I Q23 kun oldin

    I feel like it's gonna be a murci👍👍

  21. FLUFFY BUDGIE gamer boi

    FLUFFY BUDGIE gamer boiOy oldin

    Never sold a Lamborghini Gallardo, gallardo where did you go?

  22. FLUFFY BUDGIE gamer boi

    FLUFFY BUDGIE gamer boi28 kun oldin

    @Aman Ashraf only resumed watching not long ago, thanks for telling me though!

  23. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf28 kun oldin

    Its getting twin turboed

  24. Divit Tickoo

    Divit TickooOy oldin

    Screw lambo get a ariel atom v8 and maybe get a non twin turbo and then twin turbo it





    VED GANDHIOy oldin


  27. zoal زول

    zoal زولOy oldin


  28. Ender Urtrix

    Ender UrtrixOy oldin

    Change the model Like buying mercedes porcshe dodge .....etc

  29. Vidath Gunasena

    Vidath GunasenaOy oldin

    Buy the mercilago

  30. SluShii

    SluShiiOy oldin

    You should go to Ohio and buy the lambo

  31. Alex mahon

    Alex mahonOy oldin

    Get a lambo tractor

  32. s h

    s hOy oldin

    "supercar shopping for my next car" last night in the forest there was a fire in the forest last night in the fire in the first last night in he fire in the forest last night.

  33. Kaylin Van Der Walt

    Kaylin Van Der WaltOy oldin

    Lamborghini Countach🔥💯

  34. Indy76er

    Indy76erOy oldin

    Why are you nicknamed after a Ferrari if Lamborghini is your favorite brand? Murciman? Aventaman? Gallardman? Diabloman? Urusman? Countaman? Miuraman? Huraman? Perfaman? Squadraman? Nothing rings like Stradman so good thing there is such thing as Stradale with a Lambo

  35. Indy76er

    Indy76erOy oldin

    Glad to see Strads a Milwaukee guy...

  36. Akram Halloum

    Akram HalloumOy oldin

    Diablo yooo

  37. Diego Hoffmann

    Diego HoffmannOy oldin


  38. Keanu Le Roex

    Keanu Le RoexOy oldin

    lm woo2



    Yo buy a murci bro and upgrade it and make it widebody it will be sick in ur channel

  40. DD3htYT

    DD3htYTOy oldin

    Nobody james "The only other truck i ever owned is a Gladiator."Jeep Wrangler😪

  41. Ambo A.

    Ambo A.2 oy oldin

    Must a Murcielago SV with a Manual.

  42. Aleks St. Pierre

    Aleks St. Pierre2 oy oldin

    The truck please

  43. Dusk13

    Dusk132 oy oldin

    Oh u wanna buy a Diablo? Go watch Top Gear UK 2021, & what happened to Paddy Maguire on his very short lived car trip with his borrowed Diablo ! Tho the F40 & Jaguar faired lots betta. Go watch & have a laugh.

  44. Dusk13

    Dusk132 oy oldin

    Yo, I'm sending u propz for gettin in & doing the work yourself bro. It'll be the most satisfying & enjoyable car I'll own.

  45. Tristan Konstantinou

    Tristan Konstantinou2 oy oldin

    U sold your Lamborghini galarado

  46. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf28 kun oldin

    It's getting twin turboed


    MUHABET KUŞU MEDİ2 oy oldin

    Abi uc

  48. Sejr Dresler

    Sejr Dresler2 oy oldin

    i love the diablo

  49. TommyPlayz

    TommyPlayz2 oy oldin


  50. Yuvish gaming 0110

    Yuvish gaming 01102 oy oldin

    Bruh you have three Lamborghini aventador

  51. ZombieBoy6051 Lucky

    ZombieBoy6051 Lucky2 oy oldin

    I’m just going to say you’ve just got the Bugatti 😁

  52. Knightmarekilla

    Knightmarekilla2 oy oldin

    That dude screaming had me cracking up

  53. jp cb

    jp cb2 oy oldin

    That purple one hit different, though


    GJGCARS2 oy oldin

    MURCI! So we can cruise with two straight piped Murci’s😁

  55. Jeremy dad t tee d re 6 txg6snck#alf4de a tree Timm

    Jeremy dad t tee d re 6 txg6snck#alf4de a tree Timm2 oy oldin


  56. Caster Troy Madrid

    Caster Troy Madrid2 oy oldin

    How about buy a jesko you promised us when you got a trip to saudi aribia that you'l buy a koeneggsseg

  57. Joseph Mattison

    Joseph Mattison2 oy oldin

    it’s gon be a countach fs 😂

  58. Joe’s Stuff

    Joe’s Stuff2 oy oldin

    I feel like it’s a murcielago from the thumb nail

  59. Eddie100

    Eddie1002 oy oldin

    He bought the Diablo.



    You shloud buy a Mercesdes benz e class 2021

  61. James Williams

    James Williams2 oy oldin


  62. jayy.deefilmzz

    jayy.deefilmzz2 oy oldin

    you need to add a murci to the collection

  63. JT_ hovig244

    JT_ hovig2442 oy oldin

    Merci definetly

  64. Jacob Baker

    Jacob Baker2 oy oldin

    How many cars can you physically buy

  65. Fly45

    Fly452 oy oldin


  66. fuzzyunicorn3

    fuzzyunicorn32 oy oldin

    Diablo 100%

  67. J Twig

    J Twig2 oy oldin

    Way to repeat yourself ...over and over...

  68. TheStradman

    TheStradman2 oy oldin

    Hello. Hello.

  69. Vvvc Lepair

    Vvvc Lepair2 oy oldin


  70. Mohammed Bawar

    Mohammed Bawar2 oy oldin

    he buy a ca rthen sells it like 2 weeks later

  71. Ahmed Tupajic

    Ahmed Tupajic2 oy oldin


  72. Ivan Kauffmann

    Ivan Kauffmann2 oy oldin


  73. kinganmol

    kinganmol2 oy oldin


  74. kinganmol

    kinganmol2 oy oldin

    Do do the colour black Countach

  75. rapdoor 17

    rapdoor 172 oy oldin

    Royalty exotic cars is also selling a purple Diablo

  76. Jeremy Gonell

    Jeremy Gonell2 oy oldin

    That wide body tho is thiccccccc

  77. sai satish

    sai satish2 oy oldin

    Love the vids and cape up the work

  78. Subhan yasir

    Subhan yasir2 oy oldin

    you shoud get a merseaalargo

  79. SpotifaiPrimium

    SpotifaiPrimium2 oy oldin

    Buy a diablo please 😍

  80. Brendon 2k17

    Brendon 2k172 oy oldin


  81. Sai charan T

    Sai charan T2 oy oldin

    Hey bro get a new huracan v10 that would be crazy

  82. zain and kenan

    zain and kenan2 oy oldin

    Bring claiton an faith back into the video vids i miss them

  83. GO Bricklaying

    GO Bricklaying2 oy oldin

    Mercie. Or Mercy if you do another purple project. 🤦‍♂️

  84. Abdullah Arshad

    Abdullah Arshad2 oy oldin


  85. Noel Agngarayngay

    Noel Agngarayngay2 oy oldin


  86. Noel Agngarayngay

    Noel Agngarayngay2 oy oldin

    nice car bro

  87. Camille Durant

    Camille Durant2 oy oldin

    You should buy the lamo truck

  88. Kount Meowt

    Kount Meowt2 oy oldin


  89. Blake Hughes

    Blake Hughes2 oy oldin

    Lamborghini Murcielago

  90. phat

    phat2 oy oldin

    Now I must build a wide body also 😩😩😩

  91. Andrew Garcia

    Andrew Garcia2 oy oldin

    Why this nigga strad keep buying old cars bruh 🤣😭

  92. Storm shadow Ninja

    Storm shadow Ninja2 oy oldin

    Do not get the Lamborghini Countach I feel like it's been a break a lot more faster in my opinion I'm thinking of you getting the Lamborghini truck because that is very rare and you can sell that for more and then you can get a commercial y'all go wrong all over the other

  93. ZTM’s Garage

    ZTM’s Garage2 oy oldin

    Merci. Cmon bro

  94. Rafa vsky

    Rafa vsky2 oy oldin


  95. Ali Nadeem

    Ali Nadeem2 oy oldin


  96. Luxurious LUX

    Luxurious LUX2 oy oldin


  97. jerome otieno

    jerome otieno2 oy oldin

    murcielago it has got to be

  98. RabbitOnWii xd

    RabbitOnWii xd2 oy oldin

    *Diablo For Sure* 😯

  99. Ts Games

    Ts Games2 oy oldin


  100. blueboyAU

    blueboyAU2 oy oldin


  101. Kendall Hopkins

    Kendall Hopkins2 oy oldin

    You should get a huracan

  102. chris paine

    chris paine2 oy oldin

    get the lm002

  103. dtitaniumman

    dtitaniumman2 oy oldin

    "Italian hummer"

  104. Kendall Jackson Mr. Rose Gold

    Kendall Jackson Mr. Rose Gold2 oy oldin


  105. Kendall Jackson Mr. Rose Gold

    Kendall Jackson Mr. Rose Gold2 oy oldin


  106. Jaime Castro

    Jaime Castro2 oy oldin

    nah bro you need to get the lamborghini murcielago