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  1. Chopper 9166

    Chopper 91662 kun oldin

    Lay off the COKE bro! Haha

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    Almost 1mil on a car damn.

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  9. The Alex Gaming Channel

    The Alex Gaming Channel2 oy oldin

    Oscar looks like puffy snow lol

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    Ż and the update on it now I can’t even get to it again and I have no idea how it is going on it and it

  11. amelie talbot

    amelie talbot2 oy oldin


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    kareem_kd2 oy oldin

    James: my warehouse is a mess Also James: 3:26

  13. Josh Porter

    Josh Porter2 oy oldin

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    Sanskar pandey Roll no 49 class 7A3 oy oldin

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  16. Boed2

    Boed23 oy oldin

    Ecu tune it Add 1 huge garrett turbo And ill love u

  17. BIZZAR

    BIZZAR3 oy oldin

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    This guys voice is sooo irritating. But good videos. Not sure weather its worth it😬

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    Sean Jennings3 oy oldin

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    Aman AshrafOy oldin

    Its burlachers dads car.

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  38. Philly .Mpiima

    Philly .Mpiima3 oy oldin

    Stead man never does good upgrades with his cars, it’s always just rims, down pipes, then a dumb a** purple wrap to everything. Drive it under a bridge to hear a pop. Step it up some bro, do some different colors, rim styles, decals, interior, donuts, drifts.

  39. Relix痛

    Relix痛3 oy oldin

    No bro don't buy a c8... save that money for the koenigsegg

  40. Johnmowen Bureros

    Johnmowen Bureros3 oy oldin

    Just like GTA hahaha

  41. Brydie Dixon

    Brydie Dixon3 oy oldin

    His unwrapping reminds me of a child on Christmas Day so excited 😆

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    T BRIZZLE3 oy oldin

    Thank you for giving me motivation

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    Stupid_clxps3 oy oldin

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  58. Zsolt Sajben

    Zsolt Sajben3 oy oldin

    Brother Just found you when you had Interviewed with Graham.. You described your dreams just like mine.... I am speechless. Hope one day God will cross our path. Be safe

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    Arseni Boston3 oy oldin

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    MK_ T3 oy oldin

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    John Ivica Ivan Drmic3 oy oldin

    Can you send me one of your cars. I need a car and I live in Canada. My 1998 VW 1.9 tdi beetle is broken and I would really appreciate a car. Thanx.

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