Spent $20,000 to transform my C8 Corvette.

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  1. T Strieg

    T StriegKun oldin

    She thicccccc

  2. Farhan labib Adib

    Farhan labib Adib2 kun oldin

    I think you need to lift it more the gladiator

  3. MotocrossBro

    MotocrossBro8 kun oldin

    My favorite car of yours is the red Lamborghini

  4. Defyx

    Defyx11 kun oldin

    There’s going to be a time where stradman drops his camera out of the car filming

  5. GamePlay

    GamePlay11 kun oldin


  6. GodlyIan893

    GodlyIan89312 kun oldin

    here me out... redeye hellcat engine swap on c8

  7. Christopher Katz

    Christopher Katz12 kun oldin

    "If we had the stock axles, we would destroy them" *winces because I just broke mine*


    MEKISHI13 kun oldin

    Bts biot

  9. Zakeus McClanahan

    Zakeus McClanahan13 kun oldin

    i love your cars

  10. Tracy Haffner

    Tracy Haffner15 kun oldin

    I love your collection as well as your vlogs! Just seen behindthescenesexotics liberty walk on tictok. I message yours looked better!!!

  11. Debra Watkins

    Debra Watkins15 kun oldin

    I like your strad video

  12. Debra Watkins

    Debra Watkins15 kun oldin

    I can't wait to the Lamborghini Gallardo is done

  13. Debra Watkins

    Debra Watkins15 kun oldin

    It is going to look so so so so cool aka jeep 6by6

  14. The Vigster

    The Vigster15 kun oldin

    Are we ever gonna see a JDM stradcar?

  15. Dwizard0628 Andino

    Dwizard0628 Andino15 kun oldin

    I miss the gladiator 😩

  16. Mark Kincer

    Mark Kincer15 kun oldin

    1:48 vaccums are expensive meanwhile has 2 lambos and a corvette

  17. Kofi Offei

    Kofi Offei16 kun oldin

    James: dysons are expensive Also James: Has two lambo’s in his garage

  18. James Wigley

    James Wigley16 kun oldin

    It’s funny watching you try to adult 😂

  19. Lunatic

    Lunatic17 kun oldin

    how the heck does he get all of his cars?

  20. A Happy Corvette

    A Happy Corvette17 kun oldin

    Do your have to buy a lawnmower

  21. Sedp 87

    Sedp 8717 kun oldin


  22. Theskiersnowboarder

    Theskiersnowboarder17 kun oldin

    Slam the Tesla like bradbuilds did it will look sick


    MAVERICK _ GAMING17 kun oldin

    5:58 wach Taylor Swift's documentary on Netflix and u won't be pro Taylor anymore.... that girl is so brainwashed it's just ridiculous 🙄 I do like her music tho...😅

  24. Jason Kwok

    Jason Kwok17 kun oldin

    I think OGd might know the v12 or what might it be a Lamborghini countach?!

  25. Enayet Hussain

    Enayet Hussain17 kun oldin

    where is your gallordo?

  26. Scrumpe

    Scrumpe18 kun oldin

    "a dyson is expensive" owns a bugatti veyron and two aventadors...

  27. Cedric Koukal

    Cedric Koukal18 kun oldin

    Love the Stradman’s material, keep it up dude! I remember the video of when you picked up the gladiator

  28. David Cervone

    David Cervone18 kun oldin

    Feel free to donate me your Tesla for taxes James 😂 could use an EV

  29. Ammar Flash

    Ammar Flash18 kun oldin

    kinda looks look a bughati chiron

  30. Samt_2t

    Samt_2t19 kun oldin

    “Dysons are expensive” he has lots of sport cars

  31. Lavaplayz Gaming

    Lavaplayz Gaming19 kun oldin

    When did he get Tesla look at the start of the video there was a Tesla model 3

  32. Bionic0ne

    Bionic0ne19 kun oldin

    should have waited for the Z06 or ZR1... just sayin.

  33. Built TO Build

    Built TO Build19 kun oldin

    Lol the disons are to exspensive with to lambo s behind him

  34. Gavin Cote

    Gavin Cote19 kun oldin

    You should definitely black rims on your roadster

  35. Ahmed Abbas

    Ahmed Abbas19 kun oldin

    i can afford a lambo but not a vaccum

  36. martyn galloway

    martyn galloway19 kun oldin

    Rember the supra seat you got get them and poot some in every car of yours

  37. Naseebah Musawar

    Naseebah Musawar19 kun oldin

    Why is he saying that the vacuum is is expensive when he bought a Bugatti

  38. ACLA Gamer

    ACLA Gamer20 kun oldin

    Not gonna lie when seeing the thumbnail for the first time, kinda thought that you put a shark wrap on it (which would look sick)

  39. Dain Griggs

    Dain Griggs20 kun oldin

    I miss the normal avenador

  40. Adam Benson

    Adam Benson20 kun oldin

    u need 2 wide body that 😊

  41. ItsJaden

    ItsJaden20 kun oldin

    5:34, maybe you shouldnt have two aventadors, 38 dollars isnt that much compared to $800,00!!

  42. Kevin Neff II

    Kevin Neff II20 kun oldin


  43. thefrenchiestfrie 81

    thefrenchiestfrie 8120 kun oldin

    You should paint it to look like the tape because the thumbnail looked really cool

  44. Ramitha r shetty. Ramitha r shetty.

    Ramitha r shetty. Ramitha r shetty.20 kun oldin

    They have a UZnick channel see it's sick more than pandem

  45. Ramitha r shetty. Ramitha r shetty.

    Ramitha r shetty. Ramitha r shetty.20 kun oldin

    James do the Hycade kit for c8 corvette

  46. Darwyn Fox

    Darwyn Fox20 kun oldin

    bro this man fr said it was to much to get a vacuums to clean his house but he spends millions on his cars lmfaoo glad to see you back bro

  47. Sage Schmriler

    Sage Schmriler20 kun oldin

    Just a suggestion would you put a train on your jeep truck so it would be angry as it looks. Thanks

  48. Kyle Whitney

    Kyle Whitney21 kun oldin

    James should take before and after pictures. I want to see the Pirelli Aventador that James bought next to his glassy pink widebodied Pirelli Aventador.

  49. CJ BOY

    CJ BOY21 kun oldin

    What next you going to wide body the tesla

  50. Kathy Higgins

    Kathy Higgins21 kun oldin

    Good to see you and i hope you are good and stay looking good pls😇😇😇😇

  51. Jonah Rutherford

    Jonah Rutherford21 kun oldin

    Are you going to put the hellaphant engine in?

  52. Celeste Stevens

    Celeste Stevens21 kun oldin


  53. Jawi

    Jawi21 kun oldin

    James: buys bugati but "Dyson are too expensive"

  54. Umar Mihaz

    Umar Mihaz21 kun oldin

    Can you show your hair

  55. Shane Cul

    Shane Cul21 kun oldin

    Sooner or later he is going to widebody his house

  56. Mister Delux

    Mister Delux21 kun oldin

    Also i like that you seemed annoyed about spending money on masking tape..lol

  57. Mister Delux

    Mister Delux21 kun oldin

    "you cant break em"... Trust me James. You can break ANYTHING! hashahahah Also so glad your tricking out the C8. Also give Damon a deal!!! Maybe take some cash and the Aperta in treade for the bug!!!

  58. Ison Joby

    Ison Joby21 kun oldin

    Can u pls make a website for us so that we can design ur cars and send it to u so that u can maybe have it on ur cars ??

  59. abdulrehman sohail

    abdulrehman sohail21 kun oldin

    where is lamborghini gallardo twin turbo

  60. Rajesh K. Jha

    Rajesh K. Jha21 kun oldin

    get back the Bugatti or get a divo

  61. Stacy Hipes

    Stacy Hipes21 kun oldin

    Me spending 2 hours trying to find my xbox controller me setting here watching this after finding it

  62. james huynh

    james huynh21 kun oldin

    Paint-to-sample painter's tape looks good xD

  63. Kptn Kaizo

    Kptn Kaizo21 kun oldin

    That widebody Aventador looks good 🔥

  64. TJOBrienRC

    TJOBrienRC21 kun oldin


  65. August Arnold

    August Arnold22 kun oldin

    That corvette needs some twin turbskies as well.

  66. Kagiso Mabuza

    Kagiso Mabuza22 kun oldin

    It's great to see you smile like this again.🏆🌱

  67. Daniel Labelle

    Daniel Labelle22 kun oldin

    TT that C8! Do it! :D

  68. Toby Warne

    Toby Warne22 kun oldin

    sell the tesla

  69. Samiraa_2x

    Samiraa_2x22 kun oldin

    Ur address bro Wdfk😳

  70. koby howard

    koby howard22 kun oldin

    Make sure you have height Clarence for gladiator in that new house

  71. Marc Kentos

    Marc Kentos22 kun oldin

    he complaining abt a vacuum being being expensive while playing with a 20,000 body kit

  72. Jackson Giddens

    Jackson Giddens22 kun oldin

    You have a truck??????????

  73. Jackson Giddens

    Jackson Giddens22 kun oldin

    I’m back love that car 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣🥲☺️😊 yes yes yes yes

  74. Anthom cutruer

    Anthom cutruer22 kun oldin

    in one of your videos you said you wanted to make a off road car a ford ST is a v6 twin turbo top is 150 its fast it can fit all your friends the 3rd row cant fit grown ups only kids its prity high off the ground and.. someone wanted to race my dad but my dad has a twin turbo the dodge had a v6 only but the ST's engine is big but if you rev the ST is sounds bad I try to get my dad to put a exost.

  75. Vectik

    Vectik22 kun oldin

    Stradman: I didn’t buy a Dyson they’re too expensive Also stradman: owns a Bugatti and multiple Lamborghinis

  76. Thomas Jake

    Thomas Jake22 kun oldin

    It’s a bit ridiculous how every expensive car u buy u put a wide body on it yes but no for the c8 but nice 6x6

  77. Thomas Jake

    Thomas Jake22 kun oldin

    Yes to the pink lambo

  78. Grayson Gunnin

    Grayson Gunnin22 kun oldin

    When is the wide body for the gladiator

  79. mill b

    mill b22 kun oldin


  80. mill b

    mill b22 kun oldin


  81. Brian kim

    Brian kim23 kun oldin

    James: gets a tesla 2 weeks later: hmmmm maybe I’ll sell it

  82. Alljackedup408

    Alljackedup40823 kun oldin

    Glad you are back! But man I hate these wide body kits... they just are not clean. I assume I am in the minority around here tho 🤣🤣🤣🏁🏁🏁

  83. A_ Person_747

    A_ Person_74723 kun oldin

    Hey James what happened to the Twin turboed Gallardo?????

  84. Matthew Delpeche

    Matthew Delpeche23 kun oldin

    $20,000 to transform my C8 Corvette. but 200 for a disen :-) lol u asome

  85. Fruit Clapz

    Fruit Clapz23 kun oldin

    Do a diesel swap on the gladiator...

  86. Nathaniel Kosbab

    Nathaniel Kosbab23 kun oldin

    That c8 looks epic, good to see you bouncing back! Happy for you man

  87. Nick Stone

    Nick Stone23 kun oldin

    James didn’t buy dyson because it sounds like his Bugatti

  88. Rick Spenkelink

    Rick Spenkelink23 kun oldin


  89. Ian Blake

    Ian Blake23 kun oldin

    Since you already ordered the hellephant, you could do something different and get a classic and swap it into thay

  90. KRNG Tazzlet

    KRNG Tazzlet23 kun oldin

    do you own that stool

  91. FiShYNiShY

    FiShYNiShY23 kun oldin

    James: owns Bugatti’s and lamborghinis Also James: super excited he bought a pair of scissors

  92. Kingston Wong

    Kingston Wong23 kun oldin

    How did you turn that Tesla into a Chevrolet Corvette?!

  93. Paul Jamieson

    Paul Jamieson23 kun oldin

    Read my lips..... We don't CARE!! LMFAO.. 😝😜🤪

  94. Kevin Corbin

    Kevin Corbin23 kun oldin

    Welcome back, take one day at a time.

  95. Geminijets_collector3

    Geminijets_collector323 kun oldin

    I didn’t think I would like the pink at all but I think it’s my favorite car. You need something yellow and green now!

  96. Mothercityguy

    Mothercityguy23 kun oldin

    UZnick was not the same without you bro

  97. Scott Wachter

    Scott Wachter23 kun oldin

    dude, when you cant the the tape in the thumbnail it looks so sick, you should keep the black wide body kit colored like that and mix it into the car

  98. Julien Carpentier

    Julien Carpentier23 kun oldin


  99. Zion Sylvester

    Zion Sylvester23 kun oldin

    your so cool


    CHARLES CROW23 kun oldin

    You need to paint the wide body kit baby blue

  101. Matthew Aguillon

    Matthew Aguillon23 kun oldin

    Yo this c8 will be on🔥👌 when its done