Selling my Bugatti Veyron on Ebay.

Check out the Guardian Box and Flex Box, use code STRADMAN for 20% off!
I love mine and I know you guys will love yours! Perfect storage security for Cash, Passports, Keys, etc. and portable if you're on the move. Thanks for the support!

My Bugatti listing on Ebay Motors:

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  1. Eroc Strider

    Eroc StriderKun oldin

    Sell the Bugatti to TJ Hunt or Shmee they can afford it no problem James 👍

  2. Roblox gamer

    Roblox gamerKun oldin

    Why do you fucking selling it

  3. Eroc Strider

    Eroc Strider3 kun oldin

    Why sell the Bugatti bruh?

  4. Bill Vang

    Bill Vang3 kun oldin

    Do you still have it cuz I’ll be interested?

  5. Toaster

    Toaster3 kun oldin

    says good bye


    CPM SUPRA DRIP CAR4 kun oldin

    Why are you thinking about selling the Veyron?

  7. BPDPlaysTheGames

    BPDPlaysTheGames5 kun oldin

    **if you wanna buy my bugatti** Me: **who would have 1.35M on them??**

  8. Mubarak Abdullah

    Mubarak Abdullah5 kun oldin

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  9. The Unlucky Frog

    The Unlucky Frog6 kun oldin

    That merci model car in the beginning looks familiar

  10. David Guerra

    David Guerra7 kun oldin

    I think ur so energetic from all the monster, Its cool, be careful tho, all that monster can be bad for u bro

  11. Xavier King’s Toy World

    Xavier King’s Toy World8 kun oldin

    Wow u have the worlds fastest car named bugatti veyron 16.4 super sport

  12. comeberza

    comeberza9 kun oldin

    So, you are not selling it and this is an add. Great video, cool, a million views 🤦‍♂️

  13. comeberza

    comeberza9 kun oldin

    The best thing about the guardian box is that you cant steal it complete and then bust it open!

  14. mellosk8

    mellosk89 kun oldin

    why do you buy a car, spend all of this money customizing it, just to sell it like 6 months later

  15. Veneanu

    Veneanu10 kun oldin

    3 mont- That one there was a violation personally I wouldn’t have it

  16. iskandar raubenheimer

    iskandar raubenheimer10 kun oldin

    Well no sh*t you gonna sell it if someone buys it but you wont sell it if someone doesn’t buy it ???????

  17. EJ Rose

    EJ Rose10 kun oldin

    You should be crying when you selled your bugatti

  18. Tor the tame badger

    Tor the tame badger11 kun oldin

    Guardian box is great for the burglar, he can get all keys and valubles at the same time. So its useless for whats intended for🤣

  19. Arty ✔️

    Arty ✔️11 kun oldin

    James: “Every car is going up in value!” Me: “uhhh... I’m not ok with that...” Other people: “why?” Me: “.....Fiat...Multipla...” *I think you know the rest of the story...*

  20. Sebastian Canizares

    Sebastian Canizares12 kun oldin

    what a line up in front of your house!

  21. IanHulbertYT

    IanHulbertYT12 kun oldin

    not tryna fight but thank you joe biden for hella high prices

  22. Beau Von Ah

    Beau Von Ah12 kun oldin

    your bugatti look gay

  23. 402CarKid

    402CarKid12 kun oldin

    Glad you’re feeling well enough to start making videos again!! Love the videos as always. You’re a true inspiration! From living in your car to owning a Bugatti among other super cars and building a house with a car elevator in it!!! Keep your head up man you’re awesome!

  24. Asad Ullah

    Asad Ullah13 kun oldin

    Nooooo don’t sell ;(

  25. Milan Busche

    Milan Busche13 kun oldin


  26. Katherine Gothard

    Katherine Gothard13 kun oldin


  27. Handle

    Handle13 kun oldin

    OK I bought the box and it arrived,, stradman, give you credit you sponsored a great product. Solid construction pretty much all metal, finger reader works great. I will be giving you a shoutout on my twitter feed to hold my Keys. My crypto keys. Thank you I highly recommend it.

  28. Ge In

    Ge In13 kun oldin

    I'm homeless and I found a pair of sweatpants in a park today, and am wearing em now. This guy has these many cars why?

  29. Elijah Nedd

    Elijah Nedd13 kun oldin


  30. Kapkan

    Kapkan14 kun oldin

    Every time James posts, James posts

  31. Mohamad Hidayat

    Mohamad Hidayat14 kun oldin

    Maybe best Cars to you in house.😎

  32. Winky

    Winky15 kun oldin

    You should paint your blue Lambo green with black rims

  33. Raging Lion

    Raging Lion15 kun oldin

    Lol car battery on the counter

  34. Rich RoLLin

    Rich RoLLin15 kun oldin

    So 3 mill subs gets you a Bugatti?

  35. Gargo 3627

    Gargo 362716 kun oldin

    For se Bugatti

  36. Gargo 3627

    Gargo 362716 kun oldin

    Where’s the link

  37. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf14 kun oldin

    Look at the description

  38. j88325is

    j88325is16 kun oldin


  39. CrypticFoxy

    CrypticFoxy16 kun oldin

    from the highway going over 200mph

  40. silentsushix3

    silentsushix316 kun oldin

    Sooo you set your reserve at the buy it now price? lmao then you hide it from us? gtfo

  41. jackobeast256

    jackobeast25617 kun oldin

    where's the GTR?

  42. 温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services17 kun oldin

    lets meet up in utah

  43. Keith Willis

    Keith Willis17 kun oldin

    Vanity is one of the Seven Deadly sins, as is Gluttony, which comes in many forms

  44. Dawson Lackey

    Dawson Lackey17 kun oldin

    Ive been watching you for a few years now and it’s crazy to see how much you’ve done and how much you’ve grown. I remember when you had just the r8 and Gallardo. Good times. Congrats on all your success. You’re truly an inspiration. I’m 19 and just bought my second car. Not anything special but I’ve got a 2015 5.0 that’s my “project car” and just got a new daily 21 sonata. Hope to be where you’re at one day.

  45. Swansong 007

    Swansong 00717 kun oldin

    There some annoying people on UZnick. BUT I have to say it’s on the whole internet in your case. Jesus you are the most annoying person ever born.

  46. bachar kamal

    bachar kamal17 kun oldin

    when u have 3 million in cars but carboard blinds

  47. Christopher Renaud

    Christopher Renaud17 kun oldin

    You made me cry by selling your bugatti I love that car and it's your only hypercar are you see is

  48. ActualFX

    ActualFX17 kun oldin

    9:40 why is he slapping his keyboard acting like hes typing xD

  49. Me

    Me18 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who is wondering what happened with him and Tessa?

  50. Tomcuc

    Tomcuc18 kun oldin

    dont u dare sell that car

  51. Bryson Brown

    Bryson Brown18 kun oldin

    His new V12 Lamborghini is a Lamborghini murcielago

  52. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf15 kun oldin

    How do you know that

  53. Christos Melas

    Christos Melas18 kun oldin


  54. Shadow_ dude_86

    Shadow_ dude_8618 kun oldin

    you should buy a zl1 1le camaro!


    TROPICTITAN18 kun oldin

    I think my predictions from 7 months ago happened..

  56. Music Fun

    Music Fun18 kun oldin

    Can you do a car tour

  57. The SK8 brus

    The SK8 brus18 kun oldin

    Noooooooo the Bugatti was one of my favourite car

  58. Peter Beals

    Peter Beals18 kun oldin

    UZnick to mp3 James you pirate

  59. Calvin Raposas

    Calvin Raposas18 kun oldin

    where is james’s lambo gallatdo TT ?

  60. Candy McDonald

    Candy McDonald18 kun oldin

    what are you going to do with no bugatti?

  61. Jdubya

    Jdubya18 kun oldin

    The prices of everything will continue to rise with inflation, which is at 6% so far this year.

  62. Josh Jenkins

    Josh Jenkins18 kun oldin

    Saw you driving the Bugatti around in Draper last Monday.

  63. Fartun Ali

    Fartun Ali19 kun oldin

    sorry if that makes you mad

  64. Fartun Ali

    Fartun Ali19 kun oldin

    thats such a dumb IDIA thats such a good car

  65. Bschwe11 bschwe11

    Bschwe11 bschwe1119 kun oldin

    Cleetus buys shares of speed performance company that’s going somewhere. James: look at this box

  66. reef armer

    reef armer19 kun oldin

    Hey James, when are you going to show Jefree Star the widebody aventador? Also can I have a shoutout please?

  67. _Underscore_

    _Underscore_19 kun oldin

    guardian box = a safe but u can move it so everyone can steal the box and open it later...

  68. Hunter Hewett

    Hunter Hewett19 kun oldin

    welcome to biden america

  69. Cuervito's Vlogs

    Cuervito's Vlogs19 kun oldin

    Blinds are expensive???😂😂🤘 love this guy lmfao, then has 2 lambos and a bugatti outside

  70. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf15 kun oldin

    He has 4 lambos but 2 are parked outside

  71. Sophia

    Sophia19 kun oldin

    To replace the Veyron buy some Teslas. Self driving Electric Cars. If you want the normal ones you can buy them right now. If you want the fast one buy the tesla roadster in 2022.

  72. Leezyface_gotdumped

    Leezyface_gotdumped19 kun oldin

    Dood u have million dollar cars I never would have thought would ask about 45k

  73. Ian Mims

    Ian Mims19 kun oldin

    I figured the v12 manual out it is a murcielago

  74. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf15 kun oldin

    How do you know that

  75. Dan Pratt

    Dan Pratt19 kun oldin

    How about ‘showing off like a massive posing w4nker on UZnick’? Who cares where you sell your silly car?

  76. The Spaceship

    The Spaceship19 kun oldin

    Where is the cyber truck

  77. simpy_ Domix

    simpy_ Domix19 kun oldin

    I nave your same headphones

  78. reconbeatz

    reconbeatz19 kun oldin

    Houses in eagle mountain are selling for 600k. It use to be just a dust bowl out there now their are so many houses out there. Park city a lot of houses are a million or more. Utah is crazy with house market

  79. Jeff White

    Jeff White19 kun oldin

    Lil Man....layyyy off the Adderall!

  80. Logan Menser

    Logan Menser20 kun oldin

    A year ago I bought a 2013 Nissan Frontier clean record minimal damage and it was the the towing package. I paid 15k for it and now it’s worth 17k and it’s only climbing it’s insane. The bubble is real.

  81. brett p

    brett p20 kun oldin

    blinds are expensive but owns multiple hyper cars lmao

  82. Benny Walker

    Benny Walker20 kun oldin

    One word: inflation

  83. Tim

    Tim20 kun oldin

    i love it

  84. Aiden Crone

    Aiden Crone20 kun oldin

    What if the gated v12 from Canada is DDE’s murci?🤔🤔

  85. Wallahi Wr3

    Wallahi Wr320 kun oldin

    I'm from the future... and I can assure you all that the car from Canada is the Lamborghini countach😎

  86. Kejuan Bennett

    Kejuan Bennett20 kun oldin

    whats that colours name

  87. Sir Riipskis

    Sir Riipskis20 kun oldin

    Who Cares?


    THE NICE ONES20 kun oldin

    I always wonder how he never gets spit on the camera while filming.

  89. Luster Fitness and Cars

    Luster Fitness and Cars4 kun oldin

    He installed an expensive spit guard

  90. DarkDog made darkness

    DarkDog made darkness20 kun oldin

    That corvette C8 looks so OP

  91. Naomi Campbell

    Naomi Campbell20 kun oldin

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  92. Fredrick Williams

    Fredrick Williams20 kun oldin

    @Fredrick Williams +1=2=1=3=5=6=6=1=1=1=4 🇺🇲

  93. Fredrick Williams

    Fredrick Williams20 kun oldin

    @Fredrick Williams (W""h""a""t""s ""A""p""p ) 👇

  94. Fredrick Williams

    Fredrick Williams20 kun oldin

    @Queen David OMG! Thanks for finding sweet compliment about this broker. But how do I reach her?

  95. Queen David

    Queen David20 kun oldin

    @Lauren David No exact amount because she charges very low, But a profit range from $6,000 to $24,000 depending on the coin fluctuation in the market.

  96. Lauren David

    Lauren David20 kun oldin

    @Wood Chris How much exactly does she make of you in every trade don't mind me asking.

  97. Uriel Arreola

    Uriel Arreola20 kun oldin

    Mommy and daddy made this video possible

  98. ScumbagVandal

    ScumbagVandal20 kun oldin

    All I heard was Strad is single. No one is talking about this. Glad you’re ok man.

  99. Jeeran Naorem

    Jeeran Naorem20 kun oldin

    DDE been checking out ur bugatti i just hope demon get this

  100. Kevin Bucher

    Kevin Bucher20 kun oldin

    wrap and rim combo?:(

  101. Tivoliterror

    Tivoliterror20 kun oldin

    Soooo this is cocaine..... yeah

  102. Jonathan Boulos

    Jonathan Boulos20 kun oldin

    I saw It on Ebay Motors! for $1.3million It looks so good in the photos keep up the content

  103. Anas Labidi

    Anas Labidi20 kun oldin

    What ever happened to the twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo?

  104. Colton Mankin

    Colton Mankin20 kun oldin

    wrap the corvette in lime green!!!

  105. Anthony Mu

    Anthony Mu21 kun oldin

    Proves you can buy a car on eBay lol

  106. firefoxx_1447

    firefoxx_144721 kun oldin

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i loved your bugatti the way it sounded whyyy ;c

  107. Mitch Simpson

    Mitch Simpson21 kun oldin

    What happened to strads girlfriend Tessa?

  108. Dwrkz

    Dwrkz21 kun oldin


  109. Jenn0601

    Jenn060121 kun oldin


  110. Jenn0601

    Jenn060121 kun oldin

    What don't you get uo houes to gather