Rented a Shopping Mall to Drag Race: Bugatti vs. Nissan GTR

Go watch Stefan's video bowling with the Bugatti lol

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  1. Wyatt d

    Wyatt d2 oy oldin

    My one goal in life is to get pinned by my favorite UZnickr THESTRADMAN

  2. Wyatt d

    Wyatt d9 kun oldin

    @Beach boy MIDAS thanks

  3. Beach boy MIDAS

    Beach boy MIDAS10 kun oldin

    Good job on the pin dude!?

  4. Kijani Long

    Kijani LongOy oldin

    @HoodUpSico hey wassup

  5. HoodUpSico

    HoodUpSicoOy oldin

    @Kijani Long hey sokka

  6. T-Zar Bomb fan Mork POTATO

    T-Zar Bomb fan Mork POTATOOy oldin

    @TheStradman YOU WENT EXamACTLY 24

  7. thegigadykid1

    thegigadykid12 soat oldin

    It must be fun to be rich

  8. T Strieg

    T StriegKun oldin

    Imagine doing your shopping and you’re suddenly run over by a Bugatti

  9. Boy Fizzow

    Boy Fizzow3 kun oldin


  10. bader 392

    bader 3924 kun oldin

    Daaamn that’s really cool 😍👏🏻

  11. AxR Dursun

    AxR Dursun8 kun oldin

    Do a race GTR vs GTR

  12. 541VIIIurSTi

    541VIIIurSTi9 kun oldin

    Peep the Sky @ 2:46

  13. Amandeep or dude without facial hair

    Amandeep or dude without facial hair10 kun oldin

    Nice bugatti

  14. Maribel Rodriguez

    Maribel Rodriguez11 kun oldin

    ZwM . =

  15. The Daytona

    The Daytona11 kun oldin

    I need him to reply to me because I’ve been watching him for three years nothing

  16. Blair

    Blair14 kun oldin

    Nobody going to the malls anymore theyve gotten creative!!

  17. Taslima Khatun

    Taslima Khatun14 kun oldin

    Noooo! The Bugatti is broken! Noooooo!

  18. Ninjamigs 1

    Ninjamigs 115 kun oldin

    Awd v. SPACESHIP. Traction Control deactivated

  19. Mothercityguy

    Mothercityguy17 kun oldin

    Come to Tyger Valley mall Cape Town

  20. Mothercityguy

    Mothercityguy17 kun oldin

    That thumb nail was insane

  21. JJK_97

    JJK_9718 kun oldin

    Veiwers:hey look at my Honda Civic :therdastman:look at my buggatie us: :0

  22. Blue Dymond

    Blue Dymond18 kun oldin


  23. Pat W.

    Pat W.19 kun oldin

    Coconut mall from Mario kart

  24. Khristian Enirquez

    Khristian Enirquez23 kun oldin

    Man said were borrowing the mall

  25. go crazy _51

    go crazy _5124 kun oldin


  26. go crazy _51

    go crazy _5124 kun oldin


  27. go crazy _51

    go crazy _5124 kun oldin


  28. Andrew Rickgauer

    Andrew Rickgauer24 kun oldin

    May I say I love the color of that veyron!!

  29. Mclaren 765LT

    Mclaren 765LT27 kun oldin


  30. Saucaveli

    Saucaveli28 kun oldin

    I’m in that mall now lol

  31. Diego Gómez Hernández

    Diego Gómez Hernández29 kun oldin

    i like gtr

  32. CYDOG plays

    CYDOG playsOy oldin


  33. Rishan Toys Fun

    Rishan Toys FunOy oldin

    Did you even race or just talked alot?

  34. Lebogang Modiba

    Lebogang ModibaOy oldin

    Get a gun

  35. Cammer RBLX

    Cammer RBLXOy oldin

    Can I get pinned my my fav UZnick he is the best

  36. Myvi Purple

    Myvi PurpleOy oldin

    Hahaha.. Crazzzeeeeee stradman lol

  37. Next Level Luxury

    Next Level LuxuryOy oldin

    “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” (how 1% lives in my videos)

  38. Giorgos Gioltsidis

    Giorgos GioltsidisOy oldin

    gta in real life

  39. AlexanderTheSimmer2003

    AlexanderTheSimmer2003Oy oldin

    3:54 If I was in that mall and I saw that and I saw the escalator stopped moving, I would check to see if I can get the escalator started! 9:48 That noise might have made the escalators think a person was near it. but good thing it didn't

  40. Ben Reid

    Ben ReidOy oldin

    i love the gtrs turbo flutter

  41. JMnitro

    JMnitroOy oldin

    Me seeing a car like the Bugatti in a mall be like: What the faaaaa....?

  42. Kingabdulstl

    KingabdulstlOy oldin

    future of shopping

  43. Sadaf Jan

    Sadaf JanOy oldin


  44. Da meme god

    Da meme godOy oldin

    I wish i saw this everytime when i go to the mall with my mum

  45. 1uciano

    1ucianoOy oldin

    That moment when you drive the mall prize car.

  46. B Clb

    B ClbOy oldin

    Are you VIP

  47. Hiwa Hemin

    Hiwa HeminOy oldin

    That’s a 2012 Nissan GT-R black edition

  48. Youtuber

    YoutuberOy oldin

    Imagine seeing a BUGATTI in a mall bruh

  49. H.E.A.T

    H.E.A.TOy oldin

    That thumbnail tho

  50. Rachel Malbon

    Rachel MalbonOy oldin

    This is the craziest idea every day Are you nuts

  51. Marcus james Marcelo

    Marcus james MarceloOy oldin

    That you show the Bugatti I can see the Lambo

  52. Don KiksBiscuits

    Don KiksBiscuitsOy oldin

    You guys are shot tf out 😂😂😂👌

  53. black ace74

    black ace74Oy oldin

    Play soccer with the cars or bowling ball get big balls and pins.

  54. Gamer Japio

    Gamer JapioOy oldin

    You have to edit this video with this Mario Kart 7 track:

  55. Autism Family

    Autism FamilyOy oldin

    We used to visit this mall a lot. Would’ve loved to see a couple of super cars blast past us while eating at Red Robin 😄

  56. Raven Garage

    Raven GarageOy oldin


  57. Danny Bandz

    Danny BandzOy oldin

    plot twist : MrBeast owns this mall and said it's cool

  58. carson dwyer

    carson dwyerOy oldin

    i love your vids i like cars.this makes my day

  59. Jenn Pole

    Jenn PoleOy oldin

    Stradman can you tell me what drone you use so basically just send me the link also can you shout out my channel if you see this also you are my biggest inspiration I LOVE cars my dream car is well technically I have a few dream car I’ll say my top 5 Ferrari la Ferrari Bugatti Chiron Lamborghini Aventador svj roadster Tesla roadster Shelby gt500 but ya hope you respond 👋 bye :)

  60. Lil Brrt

    Lil BrrtOy oldin

    Coconut malled irl

  61. 1488SIG

    1488SIG2 oy oldin

    Why does he always shout?

  62. Papadaddy Pg3d

    Papadaddy Pg3d2 oy oldin

    Or you could have went to the drag strip. . .

  63. Toxic_blossxm

    Toxic_blossxm2 oy oldin


  64. nobuhle ntuli

    nobuhle ntuli2 oy oldin

    This guy just to forward

  65. Jacen Madrid

    Jacen Madrid2 oy oldin

    Driving on ice like in fast and furious 8

  66. SuperBenjPro

    SuperBenjPro2 oy oldin

    Me when i see this my reaction :0 what

  67. SuperBenjPro

    SuperBenjPro2 oy oldin

    Nani what why hehe omg why

  68. WestSideWZRD

    WestSideWZRD2 oy oldin

    Cool content, your just kinda annoying like town it down . Your not just entertaining 7 year olds.

  69. Jayce The man

    Jayce The man2 oy oldin

    Your crazy

  70. zahirxl

    zahirxl2 oy oldin

    I can't watch this

  71. zahirxl

    zahirxl2 oy oldin

    It made me nervous watching this

  72. metalfire 425

    metalfire 4252 oy oldin

    I can't imagine the amount of carbon monoxide in there

  73. Dylan Heinecke

    Dylan Heinecke2 oy oldin

    I saw this on google news the other day!

  74. Dylan Heinecke

    Dylan Heinecke2 oy oldin


  75. rami nesr

    rami nesr2 oy oldin


  76. Aseel Hafed

    Aseel Hafed2 oy oldin

    Why dd he slept in the floor?? 🧐

  77. Me Me

    Me Me2 oy oldin

    Gtr Guy: I might benefit from less horsepower Car: I have 600hp...

  78. Lavar Clemmons

    Lavar Clemmons2 oy oldin

    It's a turnoff is too much talking

  79. Lavar Clemmons

    Lavar Clemmons2 oy oldin

    That's what you call..... get a nail pedicure before you drag race


    NAMAN NAROLIA2 oy oldin

    Why don't you wear mask 😷???

  81. 1234

    12342 oy oldin

    bro how rich are you

  82. Furrylover22

    Furrylover222 oy oldin

    Thanks for being family friendly

  83. El Sherk

    El Sherk2 oy oldin

    Yeah defenetly not payed by Red Robbin!

  84. Bruh ttag

    Bruh ttag2 oy oldin

    O noloooooo

  85. Maile

    Maile2 oy oldin

    Is epic

  86. Mine Craft

    Mine Craft2 oy oldin

    Why does the GTR sound better than the veyron

  87. Nightmare Z

    Nightmare Z2 oy oldin

    Only time i drove in a mall was on Grand Theft Auto Vice City 😭🥴 this my dream

  88. TheShnas

    TheShnas2 oy oldin

    How did I miss this What the heck UZnick notifications

  89. TheShnas

    TheShnas2 oy oldin


  90. TheShnas

    TheShnas2 oy oldin

    I can

  91. TheShnas

    TheShnas2 oy oldin

    Can I reply to my own Reply?

  92. Jokester

    Jokester2 oy oldin

    Watching people drive is scary when ur high

  93. CaneyYT

    CaneyYT2 oy oldin

    what a fair race, the fastest car in the world right now, vs a car released in the early 2000s that probably can't even get to 200mph lol and a 400hp difference, wow.


    BRAXTON LEE2 oy oldin

    that ground has no traction why do you think it's a good idea to turn tcs off

  95. Shawn J

    Shawn J2 oy oldin

    This dude's a younger version of murr from practical jokers

  96. Brandon McConnell

    Brandon McConnell2 oy oldin

    This is insane!!! … Insanely cool!

  97. Gaming with Producer: Justin Brown

    Gaming with Producer: Justin Brown2 oy oldin

    You drove a Bugatti in the Mall. And ordered Food!!! Dude I neee to do that. Exiting!! Hahaha.

  98. JG'S BASS

    JG'S BASS2 oy oldin

    You guys talk too much😐 pure irrelevant details..

  99. 540 Chef

    540 Chef2 oy oldin

    As soon as you get going, you stop 😂

  100. Jason Mistreanu

    Jason Mistreanu2 oy oldin


  101. G.B.E 2Mac

    G.B.E 2Mac2 oy oldin

    Ok tyronne You Got the Gig _You have to pain the bougotti Red thou

  102. Potato

    Potato2 oy oldin

    This might be the first person I see who is struggling to reach 45 Mp/h in a fucking BUGATTI

  103. Baz Roblox

    Baz Roblox2 oy oldin

    wait a minute if he only has 3 mill subs and he can afford a bugatti HOW MUCH DO OTHERS HAVE

  104. Austin Saju

    Austin Saju2 oy oldin

    His energy in the start made me subscribe......

  105. zahedah80

    zahedah802 oy oldin

    I'm sure there are better ways to spend your wealth during a pandemic

  106. River Sharp

    River Sharp2 oy oldin

    Let me guess some where will be purple 💜 and black surprise rite lololo

  107. peruano ezclavisado por chile.🇨🇱

    peruano ezclavisado por chile.🇨🇱2 oy oldin

    Europe an japan are the kings in evrything.

  108. Pyro Shenanigans

    Pyro Shenanigans2 oy oldin

    Pretty damn awesome

  109. Treyway winston

    Treyway winston2 oy oldin

    How Much you make i bet i make more than you stradman i make $100,000 a week come work for me