Picking up my Friend from High School

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  1. Jordyn Clay

    Jordyn Clay23 soat oldin

    8:07 who's that 😂

  2. AgentKillerWinnerThug

    AgentKillerWinnerThugKun oldin

    how rich are u dude

  3. Fannie Ng

    Fannie NgKun oldin


  4. Austin Saju

    Austin Saju6 kun oldin

    Next day his principal gave him a chocolate!!!!

  5. Austin Saju

    Austin Saju6 kun oldin

    Jet on wheels!!!!

  6. vihaan choudhary

    vihaan choudhary7 kun oldin


  7. shafiq shahruddin

    shafiq shahruddin8 kun oldin

    Mr frech look like the boss off hypercars and supers

  8. EB Gaming

    EB Gaming9 kun oldin

    3:12 it looks like scp 096

  9. Prince.

    Prince.10 kun oldin



    PLSKILL ME10 kun oldin

    Have you ever thought about gold diggger pranks


    RAFAEL JHON10 kun oldin

    My dream car Bugatti Chiron

  12. Kymani Dunbar

    Kymani Dunbar10 kun oldin

    In the USA it’s not street legal

  13. Effext

    Effext10 kun oldin

    Are they all your cars

  14. FoxSaysGaming

    FoxSaysGaming10 kun oldin

    Isnt that a McLaren speedtail?

  15. RH TIGER

    RH TIGER11 kun oldin

    The kid is very serious while driving fast 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Luke OP

    Luke OP12 kun oldin

    Well my mother pick me up from highschool, but its a lot better than this 😊

  17. Factstastic

    Factstastic12 kun oldin

    When kid act like adult and adult act like kid😂😂

  18. Forzabelike

    Forzabelike12 kun oldin

    Isn't the speedtail 2.25m

  19. Balls Of Duty

    Balls Of Duty12 kun oldin

    Yo remember me? The dude that gave you some juice? For an exchange give me some cars XD

  20. Joseph Duke

    Joseph Duke13 kun oldin

    I love super cars I mostly know all of my super cars/cars

  21. Keyan Sharer

    Keyan Sharer13 kun oldin

    A girl took a pic at you

  22. Giampaolo Justiniano Williams

    Giampaolo Justiniano Williams13 kun oldin

    U warent habing tose cars

  23. Giampaolo Justiniano Williams

    Giampaolo Justiniano Williams13 kun oldin

    Wat a chame if u warent rich

  24. Giampaolo Justiniano Williams

    Giampaolo Justiniano Williams13 kun oldin

    U loke like mr beast


    MANERD GARCIA13 kun oldin

    I’m just confused on how this guy gets this many cars and manages to get one from all the way in the back out of the garage

  26. Flappy

    Flappy13 kun oldin

    One my bro pick me up in r8

  27. Friendlymasterlol

    Friendlymasterlol13 kun oldin

    Why are u screaming

  28. Alexander

    Alexander13 kun oldin

    Bro. I used to go to that school

  29. Adharsh Vinod

    Adharsh Vinod14 kun oldin

    All car😂

  30. Adharsh Vinod

    Adharsh Vinod14 kun oldin

    Who is the owner of this car😂

  31. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf13 kun oldin

    Triple f collection

  32. James Playz1

    James Playz114 kun oldin

    Damn you look like you’ve got it good in the future all I can see is me going to get McDonald in my friends jeep, and then racing a Nissan Altima in a damn Chrysler 200 with a V6 that I always wanted but then the Nissan wrecks. And then I don’t get the 25 bucks that I will probably bet and then the cops come and I have to make a run because I was street racing. But then I continue racing someone’s Toyota Corolla before the cops come 30 minutes later. This hasn’t happened but I’m sure it will😃👌

  33. GotWreckedBy Mack

    GotWreckedBy Mack15 kun oldin

    “U need a Tesla to got to Mars” man Issa goat 🐐

  34. Drillz

    Drillz15 kun oldin

    These guys treat cars like how nerds treat their un-opened action figures in cases

  35. Ade

    Ade15 kun oldin

    Elon tesla

  36. hayden farnell

    hayden farnell16 kun oldin

    “It’s 4 million dollars and they do weird things”

  37. Chimapansin 2 YT

    Chimapansin 2 YT16 kun oldin

    If I'm you I'm gonna make your Garage to a Computer Storage then I'm Gonna Buy 30 3090

  38. LucasPlayz13NL

    LucasPlayz13NL16 kun oldin

    You must be a billionaire if you can afford all that cars

  39. isuru ramawickrama

    isuru ramawickrama16 kun oldin

    Even I'm so excited to see this 😁

  40. Henrik Torseter

    Henrik Torseter16 kun oldin

    Sorry for you loss may he/she/they/it rip L

  41. Opposite me?

    Opposite me?16 kun oldin

    Hmm. I have all the cars and more of those😎😎 (don't worry just in a game)

  42. 温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services16 kun oldin

    james, lets shoot video togther !

  43. CustomJack

    CustomJack16 kun oldin

    4 million dollar car At the drive-through: proceeds to buy a milkshake and chicken nuggets.

  44. CustomJack

    CustomJack16 kun oldin

    How are you able to drive all these super cars? I can only imagine driving a super-car while I drive my 2009 Pontiac, with a broken tie rod.

  45. RED X

    RED X16 kun oldin

    Don't worry. My goal is to get there too idk how long it takes

  46. Drakezeus Dona

    Drakezeus Dona16 kun oldin

    I want to beacame a successful like you all🤩

  47. arionix trister

    arionix trister17 kun oldin

    the biggest brugatti fan:

  48. pmracin

    pmracin17 kun oldin

    He sooooooooooooooo rich no cap

  49. Oscar LAVELLE

    Oscar LAVELLE17 kun oldin

    How did you get rich

  50. Jackson Ricketts

    Jackson Ricketts17 kun oldin

    Ummm is it only me is the start but thing look like a face?

  51. XxSniperWolf3912xX

    XxSniperWolf3912xX17 kun oldin

    Tell me your rich with out telling me your rich:

  52. Ian Williams

    Ian Williams17 kun oldin

    In your thumbnail, that was not a Bugatti. It was a kenisingg. LEARN YOUR CARS!!!!

  53. Justine Zheng yi

    Justine Zheng yi17 kun oldin

    'turn like a tank" A tank can turn on the spot :)

  54. Ryne Petrini

    Ryne Petrini17 kun oldin

    u have a super car and only went 94

  55. Galaxyboi

    Galaxyboi17 kun oldin

    Imagine that you have a car in the back and don’t know how to take it out…

  56. Rahul jindal

    Rahul jindal17 kun oldin

    Please help me

  57. NumptyOnSticks

    NumptyOnSticks18 kun oldin

    can anyone tell me how stradman got so rich?

  58. Alfarez Koichi

    Alfarez Koichi18 kun oldin

    gift 1 your cars 😅

  59. Rana El Sedfi

    Rana El Sedfi18 kun oldin

    Johni i want every cars you have

  60. Eric Montanez

    Eric Montanez18 kun oldin

    You move that camera around too fast, makes me dizzy.

  61. Perry Odom

    Perry Odom18 kun oldin

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  62. Perry Odom

    Perry Odom17 kun oldin

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  63. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin


  64. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Telegram 👇👇👇

  65. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Letton Deb

  66. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Facebook 👇👇👇

  67. BaraaPro

    BaraaPro18 kun oldin

    Pls heart

  68. Rafiuddin Baig

    Rafiuddin Baig18 kun oldin

    Hyper cars at high school it’s very normal

  69. josh__

    josh__18 kun oldin

    Me guy looks like a face :> 3:10

  70. Entertain Only

    Entertain Only18 kun oldin

    They should have dressed up like gangster That would be pretty cool😎

  71. its igris

    its igris18 kun oldin

    "Look mom, no hands"

  72. Tjan Hoki

    Tjan Hoki19 kun oldin

    Kelak aku akan mempunyai mobil ini.

  73. kartik thakur

    kartik thakur19 kun oldin

    Unfortunately I don't have a brother like him 😭

  74. Mat Drago

    Mat Drago19 kun oldin

    Isnt that were roman at wood lives?

  75. Hyper Void Gaming

    Hyper Void Gaming19 kun oldin

    Rich dad's mad son

  76. Power family Tidman

    Power family Tidman19 kun oldin

    I love cars Lamborghini Porsche konegseg

  77. Power family Tidman

    Power family Tidman19 kun oldin


  78. Gusion playz

    Gusion playz20 kun oldin

    Jeez thats my dream car in car games

  79. DxrkWolves

    DxrkWolves20 kun oldin

    what job do you need to get all those cars? like holy jesus

  80. Clark Tristan

    Clark Tristan20 kun oldin


  81. Camoflauge TheGamer7

    Camoflauge TheGamer720 kun oldin

    So I live in Ohio. My dad was getting gas gas gas and I saw that

  82. Dylan Treber

    Dylan Treber20 kun oldin

    Bro I thought you were gonna get stuck on that small speed bump

  83. rlalicea1

    rlalicea120 kun oldin

    I saw the cam crew in the garage.

  84. P4IN Op

    P4IN Op20 kun oldin

    Bro is that all the cars yours?

  85. Seth Newcomb

    Seth Newcomb20 kun oldin

    I come for the cars I hate the guys

  86. Dr. Neetu Sharma

    Dr. Neetu Sharma20 kun oldin

    I'm feeling bad for that fat guy.....😂😂😂

  87. warren hymes

    warren hymes20 kun oldin

    You don't do fast food in a multi-million dollar car. Show a little respect for the art.

  88. Easter mannn

    Easter mannn20 kun oldin

    how do you get ur cars out in the back?

  89. Lucas Forshey

    Lucas Forshey21 kun oldin

    omg when you made this vid you where so close to me

  90. Airz

    Airz21 kun oldin

    0:01 hello timed commenters

  91. Kyle

    Kyle22 kun oldin

    And he became the popular kid

  92. Henry Collins

    Henry Collins22 kun oldin

    How does he get them out?

  93. Zowious

    Zowious22 kun oldin

    Give my

  94. Brax16

    Brax1622 kun oldin

    What do you do for a living

  95. Oh hi Mark

    Oh hi Mark23 kun oldin

    thats a person who knows how to spend their money

  96. Mamun Gogoi

    Mamun Gogoi23 kun oldin

    mclaren speedeatail fron side like tesla rodster

  97. Jay Yang

    Jay Yang24 kun oldin

    wow, nice car

  98. grady marty

    grady marty24 kun oldin

    The right buffet parenthetically yawn because woman inexplicably practise up a common mine. lean, aspiring skate

  99. Skyler Harper

    Skyler Harper25 kun oldin

    That kid will remember that day for the rest of his life :)

  100. Bri Mann

    Bri Mann26 kun oldin

    Ahhh y’all’s in salt lake!!! Drive 30 mins west and you’ll hit Tooele! Come down this weekend to Utah motorsports park in Grantsville and race me!!!! (Slow cars only lmao I got a 2019 Ford Mustang eco post tho) may 30th, 2021!!

  101. Mahyar

    Mahyar26 kun oldin


  102. Virginia garduño

    Virginia garduño28 kun oldin

    Omg is a mclaren speedtail like a bugatti divo

  103. Virginia garduño

    Virginia garduño28 kun oldin

    They live on caca

  104. Will

    Will29 kun oldin

    This is so weird I’ve been to those places that he was driving

  105. Icantsleepcauseyoucantkeepmyheart

    Icantsleepcauseyoucantkeepmyheart29 kun oldin

    the Flamingo team

  106. Ibrahim Rafi Pasha student

    Ibrahim Rafi Pasha studentOy oldin

    Perks of having an exotic car friend group: nobody's toxic abt each others ride