Not Driving my Bugatti Anymore.

New STRAD Merch just dropped!

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  1. Phantomasss 777

    Phantomasss 7775 kun oldin

    Why you're buying a Bug if you can't afford it?

  2. Noah Pryor élève

    Noah Pryor élève20 kun oldin

    Do you have a GT 500 purple because I have a blue one 700 hp

  3. Noah Pryor élève

    Noah Pryor élève20 kun oldin

    Dude you should license plate

  4. Adler Leacox

    Adler Leacox22 kun oldin

    Turquoise with black wheels

  5. ItsNotNate

    ItsNotNate23 kun oldin

    That’s a pretty expensive Volkswagen

  6. Krissel Estrella Núñez Tejero

    Krissel Estrella Núñez Tejero24 kun oldin


  7. TheSexyForg

    TheSexyForg24 kun oldin

    The thumbnail looks like gta v

  8. Colin Keegan

    Colin KeeganOy oldin

    Mmmmmmm Bugatti is dead so sad

  9. AgentFishy

    AgentFishyOy oldin


  10. Bubba Suarez

    Bubba SuarezOy oldin

    Living hay Like Mike Light Leo y Carlos Wife

  11. Matt Wright

    Matt WrightOy oldin

    Rip to his father he was a great man

  12. Kyrie Apolinara

    Kyrie ApolinaraOy oldin

    i love your car

  13. Aaryan P. Bhan

    Aaryan P. Bhan2 oy oldin

    We wants to eat a tesle

  14. Pooja Gaad

    Pooja Gaad2 oy oldin


  15. Nohlan Phanthavong

    Nohlan Phanthavong2 oy oldin

    Cars are meant for driving not sitting there for months

  16. FinalEmeraldSplash

    FinalEmeraldSplash2 oy oldin


  17. FinalEmeraldSplash

    FinalEmeraldSplash2 oy oldin

    Get hyper car which is a maclaren or Tesla road stur

  18. FinalEmeraldSplash

    FinalEmeraldSplash2 oy oldin

    Haze haze clumsy car

  19. Bilal Zahid

    Bilal Zahid2 oy oldin


  20. Wendi Walborn

    Wendi Walborn2 oy oldin

    I love your videos

  21. josephTV

    josephTV2 oy oldin

    sir hope one day you'll give me motorcyle only. from philippines sir💪

  22. Saphael123 Games

    Saphael123 Games2 oy oldin

    paint it purple

  23. Doge Is Late

    Doge Is Late2 oy oldin

    woah u can buy a supra just by selling those wheels..

  24. fun with abhimanyu

    fun with abhimanyu2 oy oldin

    Bug dead bug killerplate arrived platename bug klr oh so some connections

  25. Myriam Daigle

    Myriam Daigle2 oy oldin

    rip buggati:(

  26. E-Z H

    E-Z H2 oy oldin

    EPC = Electricity Power Control Edit: I said this before he looked it up lol

  27. Abha Acharekar

    Abha Acharekar2 oy oldin


  28. Fast gamer91

    Fast gamer912 oy oldin

    Epc stands for electric power control

  29. Tajay Martin

    Tajay Martin2 oy oldin


  30. ZachDoesGaming

    ZachDoesGaming2 oy oldin

    5:33 is that truck John Cena?

  31. Hannah Jensen

    Hannah Jensen2 oy oldin

    i drooled when i saw rims

  32. Crowpro 98

    Crowpro 982 oy oldin

    How does this guy make money?? Besides youtube of course

  33. Silky FX

    Silky FX2 oy oldin

    You made the gtr worse

  34. Chaz B

    Chaz B2 oy oldin

    Why own something that isnt driven? I forgot its just for views

  35. Yohann Fruylan

    Yohann Fruylan2 oy oldin

    I dont even know why oscar is a super cute dog

  36. fall outgirl Hendricks

    fall outgirl Hendricks2 oy oldin

    I love all of your cars

  37. April Iza

    April Iza2 oy oldin

    You should rap the adventdoor roadster turquoise James

  38. [content deleted]

    [content deleted]2 oy oldin


  39. TDOG2

    TDOG22 oy oldin

    Omg winter coming to me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. dont dare u watch 3am vids

    dont dare u watch 3am vids2 oy oldin

    Thats the fastest car dude

  41. TheReaLConstricts

    TheReaLConstricts2 oy oldin

    just sell it lol this model is the ugliest hypercar made

  42. The Real Eshaan Gill

    The Real Eshaan Gill2 oy oldin

    Purple, obviously!

  43. Calum Watts

    Calum Watts2 oy oldin

    i think turcoise

  44. Go Leafs Go

    Go Leafs Go2 oy oldin

    Starting to show a bit of love towards your white wheel fetish. Let's validate however its a "bit" James.

  45. Go Leafs Go

    Go Leafs Go2 oy oldin

    Trickle chargers when vehicles are potentially going to sit are a great investment. Plug them in and never think about them they are so dang smart! It sounds simple to "give it a boost" but these darn exotics that you love so much just seem so sensitive?

  46. vezemba veii

    vezemba veii3 oy oldin

    Colour blu

  47. Kosm

    Kosm3 oy oldin

    damn wish i was so rich that i just wouldnt care about aboyt my 2mil car not starting

  48. Activte2701

    Activte27013 oy oldin

    Can you plz do a gumball rally

  49. Davi Gerhardt

    Davi Gerhardt3 oy oldin

    5:20 you didnt know bugatti was owned by volkswagen my god

  50. Narada Amarajewa

    Narada Amarajewa3 oy oldin


  51. Dustin Helmer

    Dustin Helmer3 oy oldin

    I'll take it

  52. Bloodmoon Official

    Bloodmoon Official3 oy oldin

    James said the biugati

  53. jaidyn littel

    jaidyn littel3 oy oldin

    I think you should paint the roadster pink

  54. Vannah Waz Here

    Vannah Waz Here3 oy oldin

    he makes around 4 thousand a day those wheels still are expensive

  55. Ntcg Brixton Church

    Ntcg Brixton Church3 oy oldin


  56. tristan Wiese

    tristan Wiese3 oy oldin

    epc is electric power control its let you know there is anissue whit the throtelsystem

  57. Logan Joseph

    Logan Joseph3 oy oldin

    For the Lamborghini do white on white

  58. cibogo city

    cibogo city3 oy oldin

    Pleace i from indonesia,but i only litle andurstand your ask

  59. Connor Martin

    Connor Martin3 oy oldin

    I think purple

  60. uselessGamertime

    uselessGamertime3 oy oldin

    Do pink

  61. Nikola

    Nikola3 oy oldin

    GTA V coustem be like

  62. Yong Teck Xin

    Yong Teck Xin3 oy oldin

    You're always need to start the car

  63. Alphine RT6

    Alphine RT63 oy oldin

    imagine he brought all cars and houses

  64. Kevin Leonardo

    Kevin Leonardo3 oy oldin

    "NoIcE WhItE NeW WhEeLs"


    XXPSTORMM FAZE3 oy oldin

    You should paint it hot pink and hot pink underglow

  66. Γιωργος Γεωργουσης

    Γιωργος Γεωργουσης3 oy oldin

    5:30 poor guy on the left 🤣

  67. Jackbounder

    Jackbounder3 oy oldin

    You are such a liar. It's either that or you have no idea what your talking about. I've watched and enjoyed the cars on this channel but enough is enough as I've heard many, many things inflated or just wrong .The wiring harness is 100,000??? Try between 200 - 3000 dollars depending on which harness your talking about and yes this includes the "main" wiring harness which you can even get in sub sections so you don't have to buy the whole thing. Yes there are numerous things just stupidly expensive on a Bugatti as by changing your own oil you can save 75,000 + a year, the 38,000 for your tires and rims (each combo) is really pushing it but mechanically things are allot cheaper than you would expect for the Supercar (anything over a certain price I consider a Supercar). I'm not even going to get into the other videos as listing them and each inflation of information would be a waste of time but you have a great channel with cars 99% of us could only dream about so why inflate anything? Even with the truth we'd still be impressed trust me! I had to say something as this was the worst I've heard by leaps and bounds.

  68. ItsJustAGame IX

    ItsJustAGame IX3 oy oldin

    That Bugatti is disgusting and a waste of a car. Cringe ricer

  69. Jack Wilkinson

    Jack Wilkinson3 oy oldin



    SARGENT POPTART3 oy oldin

    Purple wheeles

  71. stevae wei

    stevae wei3 oy oldin

    Man, you talk way toooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, how many eight balls did you do before this vid. It's really hard to believe people around you don't just hit you in the mouth... Learn what a period stands for!

  72. Dustin

    Dustin3 oy oldin

    2:02 That was hilarious!

  73. Evan Downs

    Evan Downs3 oy oldin

    he broke a Bugatti and is so calm like he didn't just break a multi million dollar car.

  74. James

    James3 oy oldin


  75. spudFNM

    spudFNM3 oy oldin

    I cant wait for a gtr road trip

  76. Erol H

    Erol H3 oy oldin

    That buggati in the start said am a microwave

  77. Rayden Mahurin

    Rayden Mahurin3 oy oldin

    Pink to match Jeffree stars

  78. Dakota Winblad

    Dakota Winblad3 oy oldin

    I need a Lamborghini lol

  79. Broc Gillam

    Broc Gillam3 oy oldin

    The word lambo makes me cringe

  80. Brandon Wootton

    Brandon Wootton3 oy oldin

    Once you start driving after a jump or charge start the battery will get charge through the alternator. So once you get started it should be all good unless your battery drops a cell.

  81. Dasuta

    Dasuta3 oy oldin

    tw tunicas with a tw masamune purple paint

  82. DxrkContent

    DxrkContent3 oy oldin

    no one: the StradMan's bugatti: h4wenvlfkjhwenvgliwa4evtnlnkjhf vnkjdsne lkfjhlekjfrhsaekl,jvrhs nlekjfv

  83. DxrkContent

    DxrkContent3 oy oldin

    definitely purple cuz the aventador would look so good in the white rims like the bugatti

  84. Josh Majana

    Josh Majana3 oy oldin

    The purring morocco obviously poke because anethesiologist arthroscopically pick behind a wholesale stamp. upset, snotty gander

  85. Zarlandris

    Zarlandris3 oy oldin

    You should definitely paint the aventador turquoise

  86. IBRAHIM RK7 14

    IBRAHIM RK7 143 oy oldin

    epc mean elctronic power control that mans you can only drive it for a short amount of time take it to the company you bought it from the cost is 400 between 100

  87. Jake H.

    Jake H.3 oy oldin

    Turquoise for the Aventador👌🏻👌🏻

  88. Shiv D

    Shiv D3 oy oldin


  89. yeet boi

    yeet boi3 oy oldin

    You should put a twin turbo in the Lamborghini aventador.

  90. Əmïle Røbitaiłłə

    Əmïle Røbitaiłłə3 oy oldin

    how ab the front in turquoise the back in purple and fade it in the middle with the white wheel's and the body kit?


    PINQUAN TOH3 oy oldin

    You should colour the roadster turquoise


    JOSH SALINAS3 oy oldin

    im not a fan of the purple cars bud

  93. de Ghosty

    de Ghosty3 oy oldin

    yes a bugatti is just a very powerful volkswagen

  94. W Wodey

    W Wodey3 oy oldin

    Pink Lamborghini fosure

  95. Elliott Knowles

    Elliott Knowles3 oy oldin

    It's positive positive, negative ground

  96. Elliott Knowles

    Elliott Knowles3 oy oldin

    @TheStradman you reversed the order the second time you said it. Lol. You do that and that can make a spark and

  97. TheStradman

    TheStradman3 oy oldin

    What did I say?

  98. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Alejandro Rodriguez3 oy oldin

    God damn your so cringe dude try acting without the camera?

  99. Angelo Plays

    Angelo Plays3 oy oldin

    lol I stopped watching your vids and your Bugatti is dead =/now ................

  100. Angelo Plays

    Angelo Plays3 oy oldin

    When I mean dead is not with power????idk

  101. Deven Hennelly

    Deven Hennelly3 oy oldin


  102. Charled Chapman

    Charled Chapman3 oy oldin

    hi dude as i watch all off your video as just lately and on your new video as i notice not seen your stradgirl

  103. Peter G A

    Peter G A3 oy oldin

    Your Lambo look amazing