My Story of Buying a McLaren P1....

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Axel Wernberg



  1. Douglas Mousseau

    Douglas MousseauKun oldin

    918 spider or p1

  2. Collateral

    Collateral7 kun oldin

    U make me jealous and how do you afford these???

  3. Pokémon with Matt

    Pokémon with Matt8 kun oldin

    Why did he blur the speed

  4. Fares Fares

    Fares Fares8 kun oldin

    i love how ur ignoring the mercedes in the back

  5. Lavaplayz Gaming

    Lavaplayz Gaming10 kun oldin

    What song or music does strand use while drone shot

  6. Ramani Muniandy

    Ramani Muniandy16 kun oldin

    I want to get 918

  7. Tiger Uploads

    Tiger Uploads17 kun oldin

    The f40 is one of my dream cars

  8. 温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services17 kun oldin

    man buy an enzo!

  9. Sehajpreet Singh

    Sehajpreet Singh18 kun oldin

    SORRY Dude Next Time!

  10. 温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services18 kun oldin

    what camera gear do you use for this video?

  11. 温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services18 kun oldin

    i like your vibe, very positive energy

  12. 温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services18 kun oldin

    nice, lets work hard togther, just start my youtube business

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  15. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin


  16. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Telegram 👇👇👇

  17. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Letton Deb

  18. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Facebook 👇👇👇

  19. Crazy Awesome_RBLX

    Crazy Awesome_RBLX18 kun oldin

    69k likes wow , funni likes number :) Love your video

  20. Lucas Forshey

    Lucas Forshey20 kun oldin

    my goal is to be pinned on your channel i really love your vids i liked subscribed and turned on the bell

  21. Gael Stephenson

    Gael Stephenson21 kun oldin


  22. Zeroxz

    Zeroxz23 kun oldin

    YO You went 97 mph (99 mph at 10:25 in 0.25x speed, trust me) before blurring it out, I'm not from America but damn that has to be over the speed limit. lol

  23. Thomas Ayers

    Thomas Ayers23 kun oldin

    F40 all day long.

  24. Muhammad Khan

    Muhammad Khan24 kun oldin

    Are these your cars in ohayo

  25. Muhammad Khan

    Muhammad Khan24 kun oldin

    @Aman Ashraf I live in pakistan that's why asking

  26. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf24 kun oldin

    @Muhammad Khan why do you need to know that

  27. Muhammad Khan

    Muhammad Khan24 kun oldin

    @Aman Ashraf where are u from aman

  28. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf24 kun oldin

    No its not his cars

  29. The300ZXGuru

    The300ZXGuru24 kun oldin

    the F40 is the best one there in my op

  30. Billy P

    Billy P27 kun oldin


  31. Rohit Goyal

    Rohit Goyal27 kun oldin

    No James you are wrong nobody can beat Jeremy Clarkson!

  32. Bryce Alcorn

    Bryce Alcorn28 kun oldin

    Most annoying energy

  33. トランプ怒ナルド

    トランプ怒ナルド29 kun oldin


  34. トランプ怒ナルド

    トランプ怒ナルド29 kun oldin


  35. Dusk13

    Dusk1329 kun oldin

    Put it in gear. Pull both paddles, & press accelerator peddle, I'd imagine ?!

  36. Luke Daniel Galon

    Luke Daniel GalonOy oldin

    yikes maybe MSO a P1?

  37. Darshxn

    DarshxnOy oldin


  38. Eddie Castaneda

    Eddie CastanedaOy oldin

    Can we talk about how good that camera quality is tho

  39. Stradfan99

    Stradfan99Oy oldin

    We need the exhaust install

  40. Clouddy

    ClouddyOy oldin

    Ohio gang goes hard

  41. YeetTheNoob

    YeetTheNoobOy oldin

    That camera quality tho

  42. gongo2010

    gongo2010Oy oldin

    The drone is as fast as the cars🤣

  43. gongo2010

    gongo2010Oy oldin

    God I'm dumb

  44. Aman Ashraf

    Aman AshrafOy oldin

    gongo2010 no its a van .

  45. gongo2010

    gongo2010Oy oldin

    @Litkruton24 oh wait- was it the mclaren sabre?

  46. Litkruton24

    Litkruton24Oy oldin

    It’s not a drone

  47. Chocolate Chiclid

    Chocolate ChiclidOy oldin

    Its funny how that black and purple McLaren looks like the character Sound wave from TF prime

  48. Aman Ashraf

    Aman AshrafOy oldin

    Its blue not purple

  49. Tube You

    Tube YouOy oldin

    Stradman start doing gym stuff and you will get many chicks... Today's ''modern women'' wants only model looking men tall , some muscles, or athletes

  50. Chadstone Oon

    Chadstone OonOy oldin

    I take p1

  51. Hernando Pizarro

    Hernando PizarroOy oldin

    Epic episode!


    WMG GAMEROy oldin

    I wish having a laferrari

  53. JMnitro

    JMnitroOy oldin

    4:54 I bet some of y’all (including me) that wanted him to get a P1 are probably thinking this “Bruh you think🤦‍♂️😂” And also 7:55.... Annnnd 8:24..... An- ok ok you guys get the point, I get the point, clearly he’s regretting getting the Bugatti 😂 10:10 Ok wow he’s definitely regretting it 😳🤣 11:20 Also hol’up your telling me with the collection that triple F has, they only got 73k?....

  54. Magnum_PI

    Magnum_PIOy oldin

    f40 all the way.. it is just so damn cool even if the newer ones are amazing..

  55. Divit Tickoo

    Divit TickooOy oldin

    Where is your tesla brooo

  56. Friggin Drone 2.0

    Friggin Drone 2.0Oy oldin


  57. Matthew Markowski

    Matthew MarkowskiOy oldin


  58. Ahmed Hashem

    Ahmed HashemOy oldin

    5:20 I think you went over the speed limit.

  59. Obama Palawan

    Obama PalawanOy oldin

    What did he sayyyyy🤯 the $3.5m dollars sabre is coming to the channel???🤝🔥



    This is what heaven looks like.

  61. Michael Loves you

    Michael Loves youOy oldin

    Porsche panamara

  62. Michael Loves you

    Michael Loves youOy oldin


  63. Michael Loves you

    Michael Loves youOy oldin

    Wow that’s awesome

  64. pro gamer omar

    pro gamer omarOy oldin


  65. Travis Hartley

    Travis HartleyOy oldin


  66. MrMuvovr

    MrMuvovrOy oldin

    This guy's energy is contagious.

  67. Yowa Ch. よわもリ

    Yowa Ch. よわもリOy oldin

    Damn they went to osu my dream of playing osu in osu is still too far to be achieved

  68. Kelly Grajek

    Kelly GrajekOy oldin

    P1 is with out a doubt the best looking car on the planet. If the looks don't get you, check this out maybe hissing snarling rasping and shooting fireballs will!!!



    9:14 "Only Asking a Million Dollars For The Car" 😭😂😭😂 This the level I'm trying to get to

  70. Fanatic

    FanaticOy oldin

    5:20 hides the speed😂

  71. Hayden Hayes

    Hayden HayesOy oldin

    Can anyone else see James in a laFerrari

  72. KevinDoesThings

    KevinDoesThingsOy oldin

    Bro he clearly hasn’t seen our weather.. if he’s calling it the beautiful state of Ohio

  73. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed AliOy oldin

    I wish you bought it 😕

  74. jalen james

    jalen jamesOy oldin

    Stradman you gotta watch this


    S3NDITT STANGOy oldin

    P1 by far man.

  76. Swagger1028

    Swagger1028Oy oldin

    Hi stradman plz max a vid on the McLaren p1 gtr there are two types of McLaren p1 the mclaren p1 and the mclaren p1 gtr

  77. Jan Crafford

    Jan CraffordOy oldin

    What most UZnickrs don't realize is that once they become famous on UZnick, make good money, buy big mansions, and super expensive Hypercars , is that they become unrelatable to most of their viewers, and they stop watching. Watch out for that Stradman.

  78. Jake S

    Jake SOy oldin

    that dash tho! looks like a gt3 dash love it

  79. milan stefanicka

    milan stefanickaOy oldin

    Nice video

  80. Walter FJK

    Walter FJKOy oldin

    What a collection! That F40 though! 😍

  81. Hunter Faircloth

    Hunter FairclothOy oldin

    love your videos keep up the good work

  82. Meera Singh ✓

    Meera Singh ✓Oy oldin

    I am a big car enthusiast. I was so upset on finding India's so called car youtubers like gaisal kahn who call or pretend themselves car guy without having any passion/knowledge about cars. So I started watching DDE, STRADMAN, SHMEE150, TAVARISH, HOOVIES GARAGE, MANNY KHOSHBIN AND VINWIKI I want your suggestion to start a channel inspired by donut media(specifically their up to speed series)in hindi to step up our INDIAN game. Plz.. share your views on this idea.

  83. Henrik Stjernfeldt

    Henrik StjernfeldtOy oldin

    6:47 forget about the laferrari look how mf mint that 100 series is

  84. Calvin Arevalo

    Calvin ArevaloOy oldin

    BUY THE P1

  85. Meat & Ball Supreme

    Meat & Ball SupremeOy oldin

    Little late here but hey its a stradman video

  86. Cold Dinosaur

    Cold DinosaurOy oldin


  87. Gabriel Simer

    Gabriel SimerOy oldin

    I would take the F40 any day


    ELITE RACER45Oy oldin

    Wait did you see Doug Demuro?? He just reviewed their Mclaren Saber

  89. jake lambert

    jake lambertOy oldin

    Did you take the c8 to Michigan saw one northbound on the highway same spec was going south sadly

  90. Matthew Towart06

    Matthew Towart06Oy oldin

    Loved the X1/9 5:49

  91. Lpmitpas 78

    Lpmitpas 78Oy oldin

    I would have the f40

  92. E L I J A H ._.

    E L I J A H ._.Oy oldin

    Man Bought jackson storm

  93. Rockstar Cinema

    Rockstar CinemaOy oldin

    Like your attempt at blurring the odometer haha fail

  94. MIke C

    MIke COy oldin

    This video was sick!! Was sweet when you all paced the camera crew

  95. iiRonald

    iiRonaldOy oldin

    New video, this video going be e-epic!

  96. Wice Gamerz

    Wice GamerzOy oldin

    La Ferrari interior is amazing

  97. hspd shs

    hspd shsOy oldin

    How are you getting all those money To get the cars

  98. Ceapri

    CeapriOy oldin

    Could someone tell me who Triple F are? Are the cars privately owned? Is it a business? Do they rent cars out or what’s the deal?

  99. Mini Buckets

    Mini BucketsOy oldin

    La Ferrari 🙏🏾

  100. Lew Milly

    Lew MillyOy oldin

    Throw that iridescent on the Bugatti. Same paint scheme, find the new owner, then line them up for content. Win.

  101. T S subramanian

    T S subramanianOy oldin

    its a cyan colour car i know it loool

  102. Patrick Seiberlich

    Patrick SeiberlichOy oldin


  103. Arokya sengupta

    Arokya senguptaOy oldin

    P1 is the best

  104. Rishub RM

    Rishub RMOy oldin

    Bro I was happy that you bought a mclaren

  105. Ricardo Santa

    Ricardo SantaOy oldin

    Don’t worry, you’ll find another p1

  106. k y

    k yOy oldin


  107. Hooks & Bullets Stx.

    Hooks & Bullets Stx.Oy oldin

    Look crazy coming down the street like that! Beautiful hypercars!

  108. Jaxon Williams

    Jaxon WilliamsOy oldin

    Bruh the laferrari would be the one

  109. Iceburg862 Steam

    Iceburg862 SteamOy oldin

    Just a couple houses rolling down the road. NBD

  110. Anand

    AnandOy oldin

    Man i feel second hand sadness on you not getting that P1. I knew there were some awesome cars but that really takes the cake. Looks like a gta colour scheme

  111. ssen

    ssenOy oldin

    He’s living the dream for all the boys 😢

  112. kristian jaramillo

    kristian jaramilloOy oldin

    Its corvette

  113. kristian jaramillo

    kristian jaramilloOy oldin

    It wasn't p1

  114. william chen

    william chenOy oldin