My Dream Supercar House has Started Construction!

Check out Hugo Renders to get an awesome animation of your dream house!



Die Jungle Bros, Irgendwann
Nons Prod


  1. Brian Shosten

    Brian Shosten23 soat oldin

    Enjoy all of your neighbors. They will be so excited when they hear all the loud cars.

  2. {[X]} Zaj

    {[X]} ZajKun oldin

    You should make a cinematic like that when the house is finished

  3. Felipe Rodriguez

    Felipe Rodriguez2 kun oldin

    threee garages wtf with an elevator

  4. M X L X V N I M E

    M X L X V N I M E5 kun oldin

    From homeless into soon Mansion owner

  5. l- PokEx

    l- PokEx6 kun oldin

    Bro, every video i have seen this person i think he have more money. Someone know how many he has?

  6. Anugrah Clymes Augustine

    Anugrah Clymes Augustine7 kun oldin

    You pay 2.5 percent tax In India we pay 200percent tax 😔

  7. Nitish Balagopal

    Nitish Balagopal8 kun oldin

    yo strad....beautiful journey right there man


    NO ONE CARES9 kun oldin


  9. Julia Jeffery

    Julia Jeffery11 kun oldin

    the og supra

  10. Julia Jeffery

    Julia Jeffery11 kun oldin

    1:30 oskar: why does this guy own me?

  11. Balaji Kaykay

    Balaji Kaykay11 kun oldin

    The home is sooo beautiful 🤩🤩🤩

  12. Balaji Kaykay

    Balaji Kaykay11 kun oldin

    2:37 Can someon plz tell me what music is it its my favo 😄😄

  13. RobbePlaysRB

    RobbePlaysRB12 kun oldin

    I see a house that look like the house frone the inside out fam

  14. Laura Fernandez

    Laura Fernandez13 kun oldin

    I love floof Vlog

  15. Typical Ty

    Typical Ty13 kun oldin

    Wait how many square feet is the house that’s being built

  16. Mohammed Ayaan

    Mohammed Ayaan14 kun oldin

    You alway makes us excited

  17. Dalitso Phiri

    Dalitso Phiri14 kun oldin

    Are you wearing eyeliner?

  18. 1980zz4

    1980zz414 kun oldin

    Stradman...welcome to the neighborhood of garages!!

  19. 温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services15 kun oldin

    how much does your new house cost?

  20. 温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    温哥华房地产史蒂夫Steve Zhang Real Estate Services15 kun oldin

    will be amazing house

  21. Corvette SuperCars

    Corvette SuperCars16 kun oldin

    Congratulations James, The Ultimate ManCave.

  22. Mr.A6

    Mr.A617 kun oldin

    Remember when you made that video of you getting fired from your job and your co workers talking about you pulling up in the Gallardo.

  23. Perry Odom

    Perry Odom18 kun oldin

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    Perry Odom17 kun oldin

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  25. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin


  26. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Telegram 👇👇👇

  27. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Letton Deb

  28. Sidney Horn

    Sidney Horn17 kun oldin

    Facebook 👇👇👇

  29. Dan Gardner

    Dan Gardner18 kun oldin

    It called lamborghini Aventura svj

  30. Roberto Andaliza

    Roberto Andaliza19 kun oldin

    nice Aventador and Bugatti

  31. Ernests rijnieks

    Ernests rijnieks19 kun oldin

    I think youre car in the glass in youre New house should be something like 1978 mostang or something like that

  32. Joven Ding

    Joven Ding19 kun oldin

    The animation u got bro is just insane

  33. Joven Ding

    Joven Ding19 kun oldin

    Bruh stradman is the man, he has so many cars and all of them are like hypercars supercars like koenigsegg Bugatti McLaren Lamborghini yeah like that

  34. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf13 kun oldin

    He doesn't have a koenigsegg


    ACEROCKOLLA A19 kun oldin

    The tunnel is going to be so rad.

  36. Jeff M

    Jeff M21 kun oldin

    i am really excited to see your new place man

  37. Char’ Zingraff

    Char’ Zingraff21 kun oldin

    I think a Countach would look wonderful on the wall, but it's very expensive :(

  38. Roshit Gagneja

    Roshit Gagneja21 kun oldin

    Hang only body of the car on the wall and make the table of the engine


    GEERACING21 kun oldin


  40. Alan Blasczyk

    Alan Blasczyk21 kun oldin

    So Cool. I loved when I built my first house. It would fit inside your porch..LOL

  41. Crixus Cooper

    Crixus Cooper23 kun oldin

    His poor future neighbors

  42. Ashton Duggan

    Ashton Duggan23 kun oldin

    Were so happy for you James I am so happy to see you exited about your new house!!!

  43. Biggstef

    Biggstef23 kun oldin

    Get a hellcat

  44. Demitri Yannitsos

    Demitri Yannitsos23 kun oldin

    this guys the definition of a grinder from sleeping in his car for months to fat mansion

  45. Nai Pogi

    Nai Pogi23 kun oldin

    Why do i hear blippi? 😂


    REI* DO*EGITO24 kun oldin

    Make a timelapse of your house's construction and review it after it's built....

  47. DaniMoto

    DaniMoto24 kun oldin

    The animation is soooo sick cant wait!!

  48. Anna pek

    Anna pek26 kun oldin


  49. C L

    C L26 kun oldin

    Why no moat? that would be badass. I really liked seeing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Dog

  50. DLarons World

    DLarons World26 kun oldin

    Seems the car for the wall should be the Audi.

  51. Angelo

    Angelo27 kun oldin

    Put the TT on the wall

  52. Firstgen Gamer

    Firstgen Gamer27 kun oldin

    How did you get to this point in time of your life so young and to afford those vehicles?

  53. Freddie Diaz

    Freddie Diaz27 kun oldin

    I just want your Baja Raptor 🙏🏼😂 Congrats on the house. Beautiful

  54. Youguy You

    Youguy You27 kun oldin

    We can all agree that animation was SICK

  55. lozly

    lozly27 kun oldin

    This guy needs a girlfriend😂

  56. Nikolas Papastefanakis

    Nikolas Papastefanakis27 kun oldin

    i think that a Challenger srt hellcat black with red or yellow stripes wide bodykit and a huuuuuuge wing should be on the wall

  57. Adam White

    Adam White27 kun oldin

    My OCD was going crazy when he started to throw all the stuff out of the box

  58. Harry Smith

    Harry Smith28 kun oldin

    Loved the vlog!😃👍


    LEGO FANATIC 1428 kun oldin

    Yo anyone see burlachers viper?? Steadman "Oh yeah I bought that last week"

  60. Andreas Kvamme

    Andreas Kvamme28 kun oldin

    You should have the aventador u built with your dad on the wall

  61. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf13 kun oldin

    He didn't build it with his dad.

  62. Off Topic

    Off Topic29 kun oldin

    Jesus what did I just discover. Here I am having bidding wars for homes in my area that are 400k and this house is being built for god knows some ungodly amount. It looks fucking awesome tho! Back to my Oregon Trail of life with meager rations and probably getting dysentery in the near future

  63. CURLY

    CURLY29 kun oldin

    Where’s his girlfriend

  64. Bryce Showman

    Bryce Showman29 kun oldin

    The other people in that rich neighborhood when he starts pulling 20 extremely loud cars in 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🤤😳

  65. SparksTooLit

    SparksTooLitOy oldin

    Congrats Strad! 🤙🏽🔥🔥🔥

  66. Eddie Castaneda

    Eddie CastanedaOy oldin

    Who remembers when the door of the Aventador used to squeak

  67. pauline albert

    pauline albertOy oldin

    There's an f1 car for sale try buying that

  68. Update

    UpdateOy oldin

    The hole looks amazing - James

  69. Kaleb Cady

    Kaleb CadyOy oldin

    Your legit stradman but I hate how drawn out everything is lol. It feels like a broken record.

  70. Gavin

    GavinOy oldin

    Man has more cars in real life than I do on GTA

  71. Mickey Chance

    Mickey ChanceOy oldin

    Oscar is always one of the main stars in the volgs.

  72. Lean Fries

    Lean FriesOy oldin

    I thought this video is a meme LOL

  73. Luke Daniel Galon

    Luke Daniel GalonOy oldin

    crazy to think that this guy was homeless and now this:

  74. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony HernandezOy oldin

    No way that took 2 years and all it did was dig 🤦‍♂️

  75. GodBridgingGod

    GodBridgingGodOy oldin


  76. Callum Ross

    Callum RossOy oldin

    It’s funny how I’ve been here since you sold your Audi and I remember you where talking about the house I am surprised that you haven’t started the house

  77. Frank

    FrankOy oldin

    Congratulations it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy that works so hard

  78. jack wilson

    jack wilsonOy oldin


  79. cubeomino

    cubeomino29 kun oldin

    No, he sold that car. He said it'd be too expensive of an art piece anyway, though I would've liked that a lot

  80. Simon Deslandes

    Simon DeslandesOy oldin

    amazing video! looking forward for more

  81. legendmusic

    legendmusicOy oldin

    The sound of the engines wow music for the lonely wild heart! Which reminds me...does anyone else also almost only listen to rock music like Metallica/Delta Parole/Oasis when they drive? Whats you guys favourites?

  82. The Pilot Gamer

    The Pilot GamerOy oldin

    I really wished his dad saw the complete house :(

  83. wanjo

    wanjoOy oldin

    *cries in 105% import tax*

  84. Apple Sauce

    Apple SauceOy oldin

    Quite possibly the dopest house ever

  85. Carter_Crash -

    Carter_Crash -Oy oldin

    I’ve been here for 2 years I can’t believe it’s finally starting!!!!

  86. John The Con

    John The ConOy oldin


  87. Jesse Rivera

    Jesse RiveraOy oldin

    strad went from living in his TT to a 19 car garage mansion, so proud of him.

  88. ThaRealJaiTiller

    ThaRealJaiTillerOy oldin

    May Gob bless and provide Health and Wealth , Too those that see this 🙏🏽🖤

  89. bro goat 7

    bro goat 7Oy oldin


  90. JaAk's Garage

    JaAk's GarageOy oldin

    Make pink ammy

  91. JaAk's Garage

    JaAk's GarageOy oldin

    Me from 2 weeks r.i.p papa stad

  92. gtb_Issac

    gtb_IssacOy oldin

    Danggg that’s crazy! Your making that much much 😳

  93. dabo enterprize

    dabo enterprizeOy oldin

    Congratulations on starting the house

  94. Nukeman25Gaming

    Nukeman25GamingOy oldin

    James that looks so insane

  95. X Chan

    X ChanOy oldin

    why is the garage as big as the house....

  96. X Chan

    X ChanOy oldin

    this house is nicer than my life

  97. Idaho Native

    Idaho NativeOy oldin

    Sweet house. But in a cul-de-sac?

  98. Arthur Sarukhanyan

    Arthur SarukhanyanOy oldin

    I would love if you put a time lapse camera of the whole job that’d be sick

  99. mrbluraytv oj

    mrbluraytv ojOy oldin

    well done bri ,,i was homeless to so happy 4 u

  100. Parkman29

    Parkman29Oy oldin

    This dude is moving into my neighborhood

  101. Justin Jones

    Justin JonesOy oldin

    U gonna put a lift in every parking spot so u can fit 16 cars instead of 8

  102. Tube You

    Tube YouOy oldin

    Strad you can be friend with goonzsquad n ? 🙂

  103. Craig V

    Craig VOy oldin

    He probably will never get 19 car

  104. 123

    123Oy oldin

    I’d bought more land , all packed around neighborhood in houses 1/3 the size

  105. 7even

    7evenOy oldin

    Crazy seeing where he started and where he is rn , proud of this guy man

  106. 𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚎

    𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚎Oy oldin

    i hope you're doing ok.

  107. Dan

    DanOy oldin

    just how happy this man is. few years ago he was homeless, now he is literally watching his dream house being built.

  108. Carlos Hido

    Carlos HidoOy oldin

    Maybe I can see the car because I live in Canada but I’m in the Worst Pl., Ontario