My Bugatti Ebay Auction was SABOTAGED.

Stefan is buying a DONK at 100k subscribers LOL

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  1. Jeff The Carrot

    Jeff The Carrot15 soat oldin

    why must stephen go to jail 😭

  2. Jean-Samuel Oforiokuma

    Jean-Samuel Oforiokuma2 kun oldin

    U need to get a Ferrari

  3. Dunar Solid

    Dunar Solid3 kun oldin

    The value did not rise... the dollar inflated.

  4. Jandel GTF

    Jandel GTF3 kun oldin


  5. ProBoxStudios

    ProBoxStudios5 kun oldin

    1 million 100 thousand dollars, and 1 million 100 thousand views. XD

  6. Yuan Simone Pasion

    Yuan Simone Pasion7 kun oldin

    Plss buy a Ultima RS or the SSC Tuatara

  7. uncommon logic

    uncommon logic8 kun oldin

    If selling on EBay, you can block bids from 0 feedback users, stop with the rant

  8. comeberza

    comeberza9 kun oldin

    You didn't believe the bidders were real because the intention of actually selling never existed 🤷‍♂️

  9. PiMaC1985

    PiMaC19859 kun oldin

    "I need to get calf implant!" Hahahah

  10. Aarav Samtani

    Aarav Samtani9 kun oldin

    How the hell can u afford these bloody expensive cars

  11. FrozenFury

    FrozenFury9 kun oldin

    Jeez how rich are u tell me ur net worth

  12. Deadlock7966

    Deadlock796612 kun oldin

    Why is he selling the Bugatti

  13. The Burnett Family

    The Burnett Family12 kun oldin

    That’s definitely 40mph 🤣 And damn dope ass backroads STRAD!

  14. Sebastian Canizares

    Sebastian Canizares12 kun oldin

    love the lamb but that looked over 40mph to me! lmao

  15. Carter Mortensen

    Carter Mortensen12 kun oldin

    Is this guy in debt or...

  16. Savage Way Games

    Savage Way Games12 kun oldin

    It soothes my soul to see this guy hundred thousand dollar car overheat like my 1500 dollar car rich ppl got same problems as us

  17. Zaid Cj

    Zaid Cj12 kun oldin

    My dad can buy the bugatti he is so rich

  18. Dabroz Gaming

    Dabroz Gaming12 kun oldin


  19. Roberto Andaliza

    Roberto Andaliza13 kun oldin


  20. 402CarKid

    402CarKid13 kun oldin

    That paint😍😍 jeeezzzz🔥🔥🔥🔥you should get the ppf 9H ceramic coated! It’s an extra layer or multiple layers of 9H or higher hardness coating that will add a high amount of gloss, hydrophobics, and chemical/scratch resistance.

  21. halopcdraco

    halopcdraco13 kun oldin

    If you would like to hear about what this video is titled for click 9:20

  22. Manuel Music

    Manuel Music13 kun oldin

    Yoo that key case is dope

  23. Deryck Henson

    Deryck Henson13 kun oldin

    bamboozled > sabotaged

  24. Moonspace Studios

    Moonspace Studios13 kun oldin

    5:09 it is funny how the trailer behind with the Lamborghini logo and James is driving a Lamborghini

  25. Dita Antuskova

    Dita Antuskova14 kun oldin

    Why is he goving to gele

  26. Fredrik B

    Fredrik B14 kun oldin

    Here in Sweden if you make a winning bid at an auction and the thing you buy is exactly what the seller say it is you must by law buy it :)

  27. Humaid Almaftool

    Humaid Almaftool14 kun oldin

    30 MINS LEFT

  28. Giuseppe sw

    Giuseppe sw14 kun oldin

    I am a big fan of yours, a question, do you prefer lamborghini aventador lp 700-4 or audi r8 v10 performance 2021?

  29. Renato T

    Renato T14 kun oldin

    Why u gonna sell the bugatti😢

  30. Brett H

    Brett H14 kun oldin

    I just got an email from eBay stating that “2008 Bugatti Veyron is almost yours”! How exciting is that??!! …all I have to do is put a huge bid on it 😂🤣😂

  31. commentator

    commentator14 kun oldin

    He set the reserve price to the Buy It Now price? Didn’t know they would allow that. Doesn’t even make sense

  32. Anthom cutruer

    Anthom cutruer14 kun oldin

    It been A week did something happen or he's working on the GT-R or his mom died or his dog died or got into A a car crash he went to jail or selling the bug or he's car shopping.

  33. Harrison Burke

    Harrison Burke14 kun oldin

    When’s the next video

  34. herpes_free_since_03

    herpes_free_since_0314 kun oldin


  35. asmhan

    asmhan14 kun oldin

    James: i think that this video is efectuly over soon. Burlacer: what!? I just got here!

  36. Sir_LynX

    Sir_LynX14 kun oldin

    Do you even know how auctions work? someone is 1 dollar away from buy-now price and reserve is not met???? whats the reserve then? 5mill?

  37. Suniel Arjoon

    Suniel Arjoon14 kun oldin

    Who else misses the psseww in the beginning of the vlogs??? Pls @Stradman bring it back🙏

  38. Nismo X

    Nismo X14 kun oldin

    On your new channel.. can you change name to " Life of James" Seems there lots of Strad channels

  39. OrthoBrick

    OrthoBrick14 kun oldin

    And you should play Forza horizon 4

  40. OrthoBrick

    OrthoBrick14 kun oldin

    You should buy another 2020 Supra

  41. KS Animation

    KS Animation14 kun oldin

    Pls buy another mclaren i miss the 570

  42. Cuttlerville Fire department

    Cuttlerville Fire department14 kun oldin

    He should get a Supra mk4

  43. The Hashir Ahmad  Show

    The Hashir Ahmad Show14 kun oldin

    we are waiting for another upload where are you dude

  44. Hussain car and everything

    Hussain car and everything14 kun oldin

    Not posting videos but is the new channel all about are you going post on that only


    NICHOLAS TIOW WEI MING Moe14 kun oldin

    i think your car is to much i was looking at the car

  46. CRIMPYON60FPS Xbox console

    CRIMPYON60FPS Xbox console14 kun oldin

    6:52 everyone's ear drums are gone now

  47. Mohamad Hidayat

    Mohamad Hidayat14 kun oldin

    Good luck.😎

  48. Amar Alexander

    Amar Alexander14 kun oldin

    he look like James Murray and sound like him?:l

  49. \ Cookiz

    \ Cookiz14 kun oldin

    You should totally save up for a senna pls its look so cool and fast

  50. anonymous X3

    anonymous X314 kun oldin


  51. Kameron Dodson

    Kameron Dodson14 kun oldin

    Get the same wheels for 5he other aventador

  52. Whitehat Student

    Whitehat Student15 kun oldin

    Why aren't you uploading!!😠😠😠 I am not happy with this , you have not been uploading since 7 days. I am very dissapointed.

  53. Whitehat Student

    Whitehat Student14 kun oldin

    @IF YOU’RE 555 THEN I’M 666 But whyy??😭😭

  54. IF YOU’RE 555 THEN I’M 666

    IF YOU’RE 555 THEN I’M 66614 kun oldin

    calm down

  55. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf14 kun oldin

    I think he went Oregon to spent some time with his family. Watch burlachers video

  56. Mohit

    Mohit14 kun oldin


  57. Shaun Sparks

    Shaun Sparks15 kun oldin

    You could have made those throw away parts giveaways for your fans!!!!!

  58. J reaper

    J reaper15 kun oldin

    i agree with the bubble comment. im in the process in selling my gtr

  59. Tank lord Blitz

    Tank lord Blitz15 kun oldin

    Strad do you have a book on how to be successful like you?

  60. DaveWsh

    DaveWsh15 kun oldin

    Waiting for him to get another r8

  61. nikonuggage

    nikonuggage15 kun oldin

    Lmao talking about how you were so right in the beginning 😂

  62. Addison Stinson

    Addison Stinson15 kun oldin

    It would be sick to see a stance build like a bagged brz with three peice chrome wheels and wide body kit I think it would fit in with the garage


    HIMANK GAMBHIR15 kun oldin

    Pls post your next video we all wanna see your new v12

  64. Im Fox Way

    Im Fox Way15 kun oldin

    I just noticed, he sticks out his hand on the right like in Minecraft

  65. L Edd

    L Edd15 kun oldin

    I am new here and have not followed the story but WTH this guy is selling his Bugatti?

  66. KAVE

    KAVE15 kun oldin

    He got that Bugatti for 900k usd and because of the market flip car prices went📈 so he can make a great amount of profit if that car sold

  67. Perfect Potential

    Perfect Potential15 kun oldin

    I could tell right away 1,35 was too low. 1,74 maybe.. (cause its a "wish"-price)

  68. Likhwa Maphosa

    Likhwa Maphosa15 kun oldin

    You look so much like deep from “the boys”

  69. Golf, Auto, Tech, Adorable Pets, & MORE!

    Golf, Auto, Tech, Adorable Pets, & MORE!15 kun oldin

    It’s hard to feel bad for someone having issues selling their BUGATTI VEYRON. #firstworldproblems doesn’t quite seem descriptive enough… I mean, it sucks for him… but he will get it sold eventually. Lol

  70. Erik Stigum

    Erik Stigum15 kun oldin

    If you really wanted a real auction you would not have a buy it now that matches your reserve. It is so easy to figure out what your reserve was. It is hard to say your auction was sabotaged. I don't think you really wanted to sell the call and this was all for clicks. I like your channel content, but I feel you pulled a fast one on your viewers.

  71. Escandor Reyes

    Escandor Reyes15 kun oldin

    still no new vid🥲

  72. Amit Ki Awaaz

    Amit Ki Awaaz14 kun oldin

    He is spending some time with his family

  73. William Harris

    William Harris15 kun oldin

    When is the new V12 coming???

  74. Jayden Jaguar

    Jayden Jaguar15 kun oldin

    Yes no selling the Bugatti

  75. Anup Kiran

    Anup Kiran15 kun oldin

    New videos

  76. Infinite raider

    Infinite raider16 kun oldin

    Did you see DDE's video yet????

  77. ganesan gopal

    ganesan gopal16 kun oldin

    bro please new video

  78. Ryan Rathnayake

    Ryan Rathnayake16 kun oldin

    Why sell a buggati it was your dream car why!!!!!!

  79. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf15 kun oldin

    Its is not his dream car

  80. Adam J

    Adam J16 kun oldin

    Should have used cars and bids because ebay and payment processors will just get a huge chunk of the money

  81. KCars

    KCars16 kun oldin

    Looks insane out in the wild

  82. Angel M

    Angel M16 kun oldin

    Sheeeshh chain

  83. Niklas thryselius

    Niklas thryselius16 kun oldin

    I lost both of my grampa`s one fought in the Korean War and in 2017 he had a stroke which led to a brain bleed and he passed when I was in Michigan. Then in early spring of 2021 my other grandfather who was in a nursing home got covid he beat covid but the covid weekend him to the point where his Parkinson diseases killed him im so sorry for your loss I feel your pain your dad is looking down on you and he is proud of you every drive in the wide body aventador he will be sitting next to you we will never forget him and his legacy will live on forever. Stay strong we love you.

  84. GalaxyBuildzz

    GalaxyBuildzz16 kun oldin


  85. Bryce Minks

    Bryce Minks16 kun oldin

    If your going to buy another car you could buy a Mazda rx 7 and put a villside car kit on it it would be soo money


    CANYOUTELLME16 kun oldin

    Where your GTR

  87. Lamborghini Lamborghini

    Lamborghini Lamborghini16 kun oldin

    James you should log back into your Exotic Spotter account!

  88. Michael Janicke

    Michael Janicke16 kun oldin

    can u sell both the lambos and the house?

  89. Rocco Lupo

    Rocco Lupo16 kun oldin

    My dream car is going to be sold veyron

  90. Mick_AviationGTA

    Mick_AviationGTA16 kun oldin

    Plz don't sell the Lamborghini gallado

  91. Muaaz Shaikh

    Muaaz Shaikh16 kun oldin

    Please give me a shout out I have watched your UZnick channel since 2 years

  92. Josh Wright

    Josh Wright16 kun oldin


  93. Daquarius

    Daquarius16 kun oldin

    when you wrap your Bugatti in a Mat Purple with White .. what did you expect ? ofc kids on the internet is gonna bid it up, it dosen't fit the car and kinda ruins it at least for me and a few other i know of!

  94. Thicc Man Ab

    Thicc Man Ab16 kun oldin


  95. Dr. V8MAN

    Dr. V8MAN16 kun oldin

    Mr. Stradman JAMES as per the rule you got 1M views so you should've uploaded the video, as you broke the Rule U must pay the fine for VIEWERS COURT😔

  96. Blox Dog

    Blox Dog16 kun oldin



    NAILS PLAY ROOM16 kun oldin

    Stradman buy yourself a Rimac Nevera when ist out ..

  98. Daniel Selimaj

    Daniel Selimaj16 kun oldin

    L saw it on eBay

  99. SwaggyFaze

    SwaggyFaze16 kun oldin


  100. Rock Broker

    Rock Broker16 kun oldin

    waaait… telling me you are single without telling me you are single..? what happend to Tessa?

  101. The Awesome Whale Gaming

    The Awesome Whale Gaming16 kun oldin

    Cant waut for the chiron!

  102. Kaela Warne

    Kaela Warne16 kun oldin

    rip bugatti

  103. Kaela Warne

    Kaela Warne16 kun oldin


  104. Scarzon

    Scarzon16 kun oldin

    Just because James owned it price is pretty up, if I where given an option between a chiron and James Veyron. I would happily take the stradbugatti

  105. Dominic Schuh

    Dominic Schuh16 kun oldin

    DDE did bid on the car so it might be them lol

  106. Nyle Gaming Battlelands royale

    Nyle Gaming Battlelands royale16 kun oldin

    I bided 1mil 1000 it was me

  107. Alla sambarajyam

    Alla sambarajyam16 kun oldin

    Buy the lamborghini Aventador svj

  108. Sreehari S

    Sreehari S15 kun oldin

    3 Aventador?

  109. Ivan Kauffmann

    Ivan Kauffmann16 kun oldin

    You can set terms in your ebay auction where you have to have at least 100 stars to bid... or something like that

  110. T

    T17 kun oldin

    Make a widebody gtr full exposed carbon😂