Introducing my Pink Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk.

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  1. Josh Rosema

    Josh RosemaKun oldin

    The “hoo hoo hoo” sound isn’t the Pillsbury Doughboy, it’s Shmee when he does a pull.

  2. Risky Kitten

    Risky Kitten2 kun oldin


  3. JimmyDodger 98

    JimmyDodger 9815 kun oldin

    I can’t lie you look a lot like James from impractical jokers

  4. Angry Midget

    Angry Midget16 kun oldin

    If you were to do the jeep an out there color, I'd go with either factory Sublime green or Mango Orange. But, that's just me. Maybe that yellow Mopar does here and there.

  5. Tiger Uploads

    Tiger Uploads17 kun oldin

    It's funny how he down to 2 cars when he had 10

  6. Rishon Gaskin

    Rishon Gaskin21 kun oldin

    White wheels 🔥

  7. cpieper11gaming pieper

    cpieper11gaming pieperOy oldin

    He thinks hes annoying but really it's not it amazeds me when he went from a Audi t5 to these cars

  8. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf27 kun oldin

    Audi tt

  9. Maycol Bailon

    Maycol BailonOy oldin


  10. Pina Colara 🐛

    Pina Colara 🐛Oy oldin

    Bro, Momo just said "PiNk LaMbOrGhInI"... And now, she's so proud of you...

  11. Aarav Luthra

    Aarav LuthraOy oldin

    Big cars I am saw your old videos so where are your car

  12. Aarav Luthra

    Aarav LuthraOy oldin

    Where are your other cars

  13. Josie

    JosieOy oldin


  14. JMnitro

    JMnitroOy oldin

    Is anyone else other than me feeling a bit weird about the white stripe on the driver side roof piece 🧐

  15. Matthew Markowski

    Matthew MarkowskiOy oldin

    show me the color first and then I can say yes or no.

  16. Jihan Hamza

    Jihan HamzaOy oldin

    White is better wheel for your lambo

  17. Sxpream Waves

    Sxpream WavesOy oldin

    I love all your cas

  18. Sxpream Waves

    Sxpream WavesOy oldin

    I like the black

  19. Whale

    WhaleOy oldin

    PiNk LaMbOrGhInI -TWICE Momo

  20. Unkempt

    UnkemptOy oldin

    What’s the name of this paint??

  21. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf27 kun oldin

    Rosa ecantis.

  22. Captain America

    Captain AmericaOy oldin

    paint the gladiator viola parsifae it looks beautiful!!!!

  23. Meera Singh ✓

    Meera Singh ✓Oy oldin

    I am a big car enthusiast. I was so upset on finding India's so called car youtubers like gaisal kahn who call or pretend themselves car guy without having any passion/knowledge about cars. So I started watching DDE, STRADMAN, SHMEE150, TAVARISH, HOOVIES GARAGE, MANNY KHOSHBIN AND VINWIKI I want your suggestion to start a channel inspired by donut media(specifically their up to speed series)in hindi to step up our INDIAN game. Plz.. share your views on this idea.

  24. Reddito Marketing

    Reddito MarketingOy oldin

    black looks better

  25. Gavyn RBLX

    Gavyn RBLXOy oldin

    I like the Lamborghini in black rims

  26. Maple Chopsticks

    Maple ChopsticksOy oldin


  27. donald uy

    donald uyOy oldin

    I ilke the white wheel

  28. Juan Daniel Palacios

    Juan Daniel PalaciosOy oldin

    you are racing Damon and the boys in the process of painting their 720

  29. Antonio Bold

    Antonio BoldOy oldin

    It's amazing And the videos are so cool😃😃

  30. Sok Kelly សុខខេលី

    Sok Kelly សុខខេលីOy oldin

    Make a rainbow car collection happen and i will wait 😹❤️ but do not sell those aventador aventador wide body and gallardo if you dare to sell = unsub

  31. PeetahBread's Son

    PeetahBread's SonOy oldin

    The strawman I like your one song that you use high by jpb

  32. Dababy

    DababyOy oldin

    Any car I get in gta I make it metallic pink with a salmon pearlescent paint job he made me love the color pink

  33. Nightmare

    NightmareOy oldin

    Black wheels

  34. den Rugan

    den RuganOy oldin

    Brooks can you change that blue soon

  35. Raiden phelps

    Raiden phelpsOy oldin

    He should get a Porsche 924

  36. Evan LeQuire

    Evan LeQuireOy oldin

    Black rims are better

  37. Storm Plays

    Storm PlaysOy oldin

    I’m just guessing that guys gonna get a hellcat

  38. Ded Boi

    Ded BoiOy oldin

    To all the people faking "rich" lifestyle, This is what living cheap and saving money gets you

  39. Abraham Ayala

    Abraham AyalaOy oldin

    The new Jef Star?

  40. St Peter Photography and Video

    St Peter Photography and VideoOy oldin

    White wheels 😍😍

  41. Kale Seinen

    Kale SeinenOy oldin

    bet its a hellcat

  42. Archie Harriss

    Archie HarrissOy oldin

    Blake is beter

  43. xCLU7CH Cl7Yx

    xCLU7CH Cl7YxOy oldin

    bro your really hyper 😅 make me feel dizzy shaking the camera so damb much' 😴 😂



    Competition is why I hate people

  45. pumanable2 gaming

    pumanable2 gamingOy oldin


  46. Barrett Epstein

    Barrett EpsteinOy oldin

    Bro fix your lisp

  47. Minty

    MintyOy oldin

    Cotton candy combination

  48. Austin Tintes

    Austin TintesOy oldin

    Orange and blue look great together

  49. DCasipit

    DCasipitOy oldin

    Love the white wheels more than the black

  50. BlurrLionstz

    BlurrLionstzOy oldin

    Black wheels look better

  51. BigBagOfFrikenAirFak

    BigBagOfFrikenAirFakOy oldin

    Lol RWD and 700 HP. Def a hellkitty

  52. cayn Guadalajara

    cayn GuadalajaraOy oldin

    Your Aventador had a miss fire at 0:57

  53. Greg Boyd

    Greg BoydOy oldin

    At 4:30 love the Jeep Grand Wagoneer in the background!

  54. Julian Christensen

    Julian ChristensenOy oldin


  55. potatoe1bread

    potatoe1breadOy oldin

    I think the white looks better on the blue aventadoor

  56. DBB MPX2

    DBB MPX2Oy oldin

    Is no one gonna ignore the fact that the pink engine cover panel part says Ferrari look at 7:02

  57. Someone.with.a. Car

    Someone.with.a. CarOy oldin

    4:38 it’s probably a hellcat 🤯

  58. Eli White

    Eli WhiteOy oldin

    Who needs a bug killer when the bug kills itself every month. Shoulda gotten something else

  59. Dboyisfly XD

    Dboyisfly XDOy oldin

    The brother and sister Lamborghini

  60. dmfd123

    dmfd123Oy oldin

    Please run the black wheels...

  61. Garello FNF

    Garello FNFOy oldin

    It has no front bumper lol

  62. Garello FNF

    Garello FNFOy oldin

    P I N K L A M B O

  63. Abdul Kabeer Zaheer

    Abdul Kabeer ZaheerOy oldin

    It looks so goooood.

  64. vMylos

    vMylosOy oldin

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that fucking hood is ugly

  65. Aleksi Soukkala

    Aleksi SoukkalaOy oldin

    12:36 just saying it is excavator not a tractor.

  66. Aleksi Soukkala

    Aleksi SoukkalaOy oldin

    1:48 i must say white looks better whit that blue than black.

  67. Strad

    StradOy oldin

    Hi strad

  68. Ambika Baliarsingh

    Ambika BaliarsinghOy oldin

    6:40 I think of Mr Beast

  69. Shay Doyle

    Shay DoyleOy oldin

    How many times did n you paint and rap

  70. Car Enthusiast

    Car EnthusiastOy oldin

    My Lock Screen and my Home Screeen picture are the two Aventadors next to each other... that pink is soooo sick

  71. Elandre

    ElandreOy oldin

    Black tires looks epic

  72. Jared Lopez

    Jared LopezOy oldin

    black wheels

  73. pancho8334

    pancho8334Oy oldin

    Blue lambo NEEDS those white wheels!!! The pink one should look awesome with black ones

  74. BeastW2.0

    BeastW2.0Oy oldin

    ugly car

  75. Adam Sherrill

    Adam SherrillOy oldin

    4:07 dababy???

  76. Crowmo

    CrowmoOy oldin

    White calipers!

  77. Pineapple Tacos

    Pineapple TacosOy oldin

    So...where's all those people who got so easily triggered and were all kinds of bent outta shape in the last upload swearing that the white Pirelli stripes weren't lining up?? Y'all awful quiet now...

  78. Pineapple Tacos

    Pineapple TacosOy oldin

    I'm gonna go with the white wheels! That blue with the orange calipers?? The white, fo' sho!!! It truly makes your car unique and makes it stand out even more than it already does. Black is SO overdone and SO tired!! Literally EV-ER-Y-BO-DY and their brother has black wheels or has done them. I've had a Porsche Oslo Blue wrap on my R8 with white wheels and Acid Green calipers for around 2 years now. So many folks are ditching the black for anything but so their ride stands out from the rest of the crowd.

  79. Danik

    DanikOy oldin

    A little over 700hp.... you mean 707?😂

  80. Danik

    DanikOy oldin

    Stephan got a hellcat I thin

  81. Gilbert Warner

    Gilbert WarnerOy oldin

    My man buys cars like I buy skittles.

  82. Perry Burns

    Perry BurnsOy oldin

    Wheres the orange Gallardo

  83. Trucking With JR

    Trucking With JROy oldin

    There is a thing called Jeep Beach you need to bring the Gladiator to next year in Daytona Beach. I seen this year someone there had a 6x6

  84. Danielle Crocker

    Danielle CrockerOy oldin

    I like the black wheels

  85. Mokheseng Ramaisa

    Mokheseng RamaisaOy oldin

    Pink is ugly for man Shining is good

  86. Tyler Garver

    Tyler GarverOy oldin

    Is it a girl or a boy

  87. Eagle Livewire

    Eagle LivewireOy oldin

    I've been waiting so long to see the gladiator complete. So sick!

  88. Kenneth McEntire

    Kenneth McEntireOy oldin

    We Love your videos James!!

  89. EezY.BC.Gaming

    EezY.BC.GamingOy oldin

    But it is pretty nice

  90. EezY.BC.Gaming

    EezY.BC.GamingOy oldin

    I think I like the black rims more srry lol


    MAX CIGARSKIOy oldin

    Stephen definitely bought a hellcat😂

  92. Sniperdud3

    Sniperdud3Oy oldin

    720s 720hp rwd

  93. Aiden Stinson

    Aiden StinsonOy oldin

    You should do blue callipers, white rims, and the pink car would look amazing

  94. Hank The Tank

    Hank The TankOy oldin

    It's the Jolly Rancher crew

  95. The Guy

    The GuyOy oldin

    I cannot get over how out of place the white pin stripe looks... otherwise it's amazing

  96. Whip_Hunter

    Whip_HunterOy oldin

    Dude it’s been like years, where tf is the gallardo


    STR TITANOy oldin

    white is the best

  98. Jean-Marc Feldman

    Jean-Marc FeldmanOy oldin

    Oskar the amazing floof has returned. All is well in the world.

  99. Beamish_0rc

    Beamish_0rcOy oldin

    I think ur aventador coup needs a carbon front fender

  100. bigBOSScross252

    bigBOSScross252Oy oldin

    Looks like ur doing a gender reveal with lambos

  101. Bryce Lyt

    Bryce LytOy oldin

    Neon green or highlighter yellow calipers

  102. Andrew Cox

    Andrew CoxOy oldin


  103. Archie Lb

    Archie LbOy oldin

    First tractor 😂 it’s an excavator