Introducing my Widebody Lamborghini Aventador!!!

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Julian Avila


Axel Wernberg


  1. Aalim Virani

    Aalim Virani5 kun oldin

    I was born on 1 April

  2. DaRkdAyZ827

    DaRkdAyZ82715 kun oldin

    Dude you move the cam around to fast for me it gives me motion sickens I can't watch and I want to I just can't

  3. Rick Man

    Rick ManOy oldin

    What was the name of the song at 2:38?

  4. RelaxPoint

    RelaxPointOy oldin

    man is the best

  5. Ronin Samurai

    Ronin SamuraiOy oldin

    We love you James!!

  6. Stradfan99

    Stradfan99Oy oldin

    The warehouse when stradman rents it: clean The warehouse after: a mess

  7. Strad

    StradOy oldin

    Hi strad

  8. Master Dioblos

    Master Dioblos2 oy oldin

    2:29 drill sounds like a supra

  9. Jedi master

    Jedi master2 oy oldin

    Instrumental at 2:40 anyone?

  10. River Sharp

    River Sharp2 oy oldin

    Has anyone ever notice that he been getting 1 millon views on every video for nothing really interesting weird rite

  11. River Sharp

    River Sharp2 oy oldin

    I don't think I would of paid 60 gs for plastic shit well some plastic I can find better use with money like that that goes to tell you youtubers get paid too much for literally doing nothing at all no talents or skill but makes millons for talking to there self but a man building million dollar homes gets 15 bucks a hour living check to check but people like that struggle where did this world 🌎 go wrong in life fyi not hating on anyone making easy money just ashamed by how people make millons to people that actually work there body into the ground like me I got to plastic knees two shoulder surgery and wrist and I am 36 yrs old and work 80 hours a week and still broke

  12. Amaan Al

    Amaan Al2 oy oldin

    Who else thought that the dig up on the new house is an April fools Day joke...get it because it is on April 1st hahaha.....#this is how James feels when he is not funny

  13. KCP Joey

    KCP Joey2 oy oldin

    Stradman always has a smile on his face, you can tell how much love and passion he has to cars and youtube.

  14. The Stickman Bros

    The Stickman Bros2 oy oldin

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  15. The Stickman Bros

    The Stickman Bros2 oy oldin


  16. The Stickman Bros

    The Stickman Bros2 oy oldin


  17. The Stickman Bros

    The Stickman Bros2 oy oldin


  18. The Stickman Bros

    The Stickman Bros2 oy oldin


  19. Gurnek Chhatwal

    Gurnek Chhatwal2 oy oldin

    James you shouldn’t tell Oscar to bite his tail because I heard a story of a dog who bit it’s tail and had to get it amputated

  20. Ali Nadeem

    Ali Nadeem2 oy oldin



    HQERI’S GAMING2 oy oldin

    Did you edit this on I movie lol

  22. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan2 oy oldin

    Tax the wealthy

  23. Travis Hartley

    Travis Hartley2 oy oldin


  24. marta radek

    marta radek2 oy oldin

    black will look so cool

  25. Mvp_Josh24

    Mvp_Josh242 oy oldin

    0:47 so true

  26. DanTheBeast

    DanTheBeast2 oy oldin

    Oskar the floof boi

  27. 18Kayy Productions

    18Kayy Productions2 oy oldin

    Does Anyone Know What color hes going to paint the aventador?

  28. lucky mizily

    lucky mizily2 oy oldin

    somebody explain to me why lamborghini aventador easy to get burn ?? please 😊

  29. Liam Stephens

    Liam Stephens2 oy oldin

    rumour has it james never actually got fired. it was just an april fools prank nick never told him about


    LSUXtERDINO2 oy oldin

    Oscar makes me smile more than his cars

  31. Ho Lee Fuk

    Ho Lee Fuk2 oy oldin

    1:39 😥

  32. Sebastian Canizares

    Sebastian Canizares2 oy oldin

    You have to paint it pink🎀

  33. Alexander Magno Salazar

    Alexander Magno Salazar2 oy oldin

    That is not true stradman you are not a idoit

  34. Yousof Faryar

    Yousof Faryar2 oy oldin

    join the model 3 facebook page

  35. Thomasg_567 YT

    Thomasg_567 YT2 oy oldin

    What’s the music called when he’s drilling at 8:20

  36. onni borg

    onni borg2 oy oldin

    Those wood screws kinda freaked me out

  37. Jhittery

    Jhittery2 oy oldin

    Wow I just came back from this channel is see he has alot of cars. Wow.

  38. drumrboynoid

    drumrboynoid2 oy oldin

    Dude I haven't watched one of your videos in a couple years. When did you start acting like Logan Paul?

  39. Japanese Massage Oil

    Japanese Massage Oil3 oy oldin

    You talk too much :)

  40. Tommy tran

    Tommy tran3 oy oldin

    7:40 that picture is me computer wallpaper

  41. Britton Weisz

    Britton Weisz3 oy oldin

    whatching this made me realize. what happend to stradgirl?

  42. Cody Sanders

    Cody Sanders3 oy oldin

    This car is on Co part right now for 50k starting bid

  43. fabian tribastoni

    fabian tribastoni3 oy oldin

    Can this kid talk any faster ?

  44. Jon Novak

    Jon Novak3 oy oldin

    His car collection is so dope!

  45. Austin Trierweiler

    Austin Trierweiler3 oy oldin

    Damn your an inspiration 👑

  46. brad steiner

    brad steiner3 oy oldin

    Man u have to keep the color pearl white it looks so so good

  47. Prince tony

    Prince tony3 oy oldin

    visit south africa durban . wana meet u bru

  48. KCars

    KCars3 oy oldin

    Gonna look insane

  49. RPZ Gåmër

    RPZ Gåmër3 oy oldin

    He scammed me two times

  50. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf13 kun oldin


  51. Car Atlantis

    Car Atlantis3 oy oldin

  52. Anduce

    Anduce3 oy oldin

    Paint ur car black

  53. Josh Owens

    Josh Owens3 oy oldin

    Ads before the video, pop-ups in the video, and a 3 minute schpeel during the video, SMH.

  54. Nathan gaming

    Nathan gaming3 oy oldin

    I make my games cars like his cars

  55. hacatan24

    hacatan243 oy oldin

    I think I saw your car in the IKEA parking lot

  56. KINGRTGT222

    KINGRTGT2223 oy oldin

    That aventador looks soooo nice

  57. Kaden Riggins

    Kaden Riggins3 oy oldin

    what if lb made a kit for a specific Bugatti Veyron that may or may not be purple and white....

  58. Jordanne Peake

    Jordanne Peake3 oy oldin

    I’m big fan

  59. Craig Porritt

    Craig Porritt3 oy oldin

    Why do you keep saying Salt Lake City, Utah when you’re not actually in Salt Lake City but instead Park City, Utah. That’s like telling everyone good morning from Provo when you’re actually in Herriman or Draper. Park City is in Summit County, a completely different County away.

  60. Sanskar pandey Roll no 49 class 7A

    Sanskar pandey Roll no 49 class 7A3 oy oldin

    Which bread is your dog please tell please 😭😑😭😑😭

  61. Elvira Ortiz

    Elvira Ortiz3 oy oldin

    Add a muscle car to your collection

  62. oneking Popsmoke

    oneking Popsmoke3 oy oldin


  63. Mr M

    Mr M3 oy oldin

    U about to hit us with a April fools

  64. Justin Gadue

    Justin Gadue3 oy oldin

    This dude is hilarious working on his own shit I love it

  65. EddieTheTeddy YT

    EddieTheTeddy YT3 oy oldin

    I’m such a big fan I’m a OG viewer and say hi to fluf ball to me!!!

  66. Cody Hennings

    Cody Hennings3 oy oldin

    999k veiws. I’m one of the last thousands before million

  67. Reece Gaines

    Reece Gaines3 oy oldin

    It needs to be wrapped matte army green after the wide body is complete

  68. Pardeep Tutorial YouTube

    Pardeep Tutorial YouTube3 oy oldin

    I want a gladiator update

  69. Jacob Wagnitz

    Jacob Wagnitz3 oy oldin

    Am I the only one who has no idea what the frick those fenders (the lb ones) are made out of? Some kind of metal, carbon fiber, or plastic

  70. ninja moves jason permal

    ninja moves jason permal3 oy oldin

    Love your lamborghini

  71. Visible42

    Visible423 oy oldin

    Me: true true

  72. Rafe Garrett

    Rafe Garrett3 oy oldin

    Anyone else want a gladiator update

  73. Robert Dickie

    Robert Dickie3 oy oldin

    James..... Loving the channel and the projects you've got going. I only have 2 suggestions.... #1 please COMPLETE a project before you start another one!!! It's very frustrating as a viewer and confusing as well. #2 several of my friends and I all agree that your filming technique of whipping the camera around makes it very very hard to focus and not become dizzy. Please don't take this as a negative feedback moment. All of us up here in Toronto Ontario Canada love your channel and overall topics you cover. Thanks for rocking a wicked channel

  74. Omar D.

    Omar D.3 oy oldin

    Didn't Strad say he was posting the new video today man I was hyped 😔.

  75. Donny de Wijs

    Donny de Wijs3 oy oldin


  76. sitek 457

    sitek 4573 oy oldin

    :( i havn't gór money to has new Computer but you have money to many super cars. If my English is not good sory i leve in poland

  77. Abdullah Khan

    Abdullah Khan3 oy oldin

    I love you stradman sooooo much....please reply🤔🤔🤔🤔😎😎😎😎

  78. Holy Moly Moments

    Holy Moly Moments3 oy oldin

    I’m patiently waiting till 1 o’clock CST hoping James drops another video

  79. Ace Sports

    Ace Sports3 oy oldin

    April 1st hmm isn’t that April’s Fools day

  80. luke pannica

    luke pannica3 oy oldin

    Hey bro I love your videos that much that I changed my profile picture thing to your logo

  81. Binny Sohanpal

    Binny Sohanpal3 oy oldin

    stradman is a 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 out of 10

  82. ijoo22cuz

    ijoo22cuz3 oy oldin

    wow nice

  83. James Stamp

    James Stamp3 oy oldin

    Get you’re dog a haircut Bro

  84. Binny Sohanpal

    Binny Sohanpal3 oy oldin

    are you gonna upladload a new video

  85. Binny Sohanpal

    Binny Sohanpal3 oy oldin

    hey stradman

  86. YENG✓

    YENG✓3 oy oldin

    Im back after like two months James: i bought a tesla Me:how in f**k did u buy a tesla u are going to have a cyber truck in late 2021💨💨💨 Edit:did he say flight school🤧😌🤧😌🤧

  87. thyn trost

    thyn trost3 oy oldin

    Twin tubro avantador?

  88. Emmanuel Alberto

    Emmanuel Alberto3 oy oldin

    Oh my god! I watched you as a kid and Forgot about you. But when see this vid I was like O MAH GOD STRADMAN!!!

  89. Syed M.Muqsit

    Syed M.Muqsit3 oy oldin

    Paint the Lamborghini roadster holographic

  90. Life Uncontained

    Life Uncontained3 oy oldin

    Rush now and invest in crypto

  91. The Insane Shecklador

    The Insane Shecklador3 oy oldin

    Strad, make sure your paint shop block sands the Liberty Walk parts to get the waves out and make them as perfect and flat as the factory panels. It's more work and money but the results are worth it.

  92. Dr Silvano

    Dr Silvano3 oy oldin

    Do y’all remember what exhaust stradman put on his Ford raptor Baja

  93. Layne Moss

    Layne Moss3 oy oldin

    Nothing more I love than seeing building content!

  94. Kely Rajef

    Kely Rajef3 oy oldin

    Go race a Bugatti Chiron with your Bugatti Veyron

  95. Tahir

    Tahir3 oy oldin

    soo anyone gonna let me know what the "imperfection" on the rear fenders of the widebody that he wouldnt show is????

  96. Mmadd

    Mmadd3 oy oldin

    Thestrandman needs to upload more videos on every second day

  97. Reece Bush

    Reece Bush3 oy oldin

    At least we weren’t actually there or you’d be even more nervous makin those cuts

  98. AA Restorations

    AA Restorations3 oy oldin

    Oskar marshmallow is so big I remember when he was a tiny thing 2 years ago and that floof is insane!!!!

  99. rkubitz100

    rkubitz1003 oy oldin

    April 1st sounds like an april fools joke

  100. jacob moats

    jacob moats3 oy oldin


  101. 6speedconstellation

    6speedconstellation3 oy oldin

    Sorry strad buddy.. someone else already finished the 6X6 gladiator

  102. Residential Riding

    Residential Riding3 oy oldin

    You should definitely get a new turbo s

  103. SenseiFoxy

    SenseiFoxy3 oy oldin

    A Dark pearl red would look evil on the aventador with some fire lines

  104. BRANDON quesada

    BRANDON quesada3 oy oldin

    A qué se dedica ? Thestradman

  105. Roblox Triplets

    Roblox Triplets3 oy oldin

    You should recreate the baby Mac but in a satin pink or red

  106. Factual Gamer?

    Factual Gamer?3 oy oldin

    is an idiot bottom text