Cutting up my Lamborghini Aventador!

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  1. TheStradman

    TheStradman3 oy oldin

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    IMMORTALAJ2 oy oldin

    I loved the ferrari

  3. Speedy Boi

    Speedy Boi3 oy oldin

    Sell the model 3 and get a model x with all the extra money you have😂 or a purple smart car

  4. Garello FNF

    Garello FNF3 oy oldin

    Rip 430

  5. Nicholas Funnell

    Nicholas Funnell3 oy oldin

    I love your car videos

  6. JOe Alexander

    JOe Alexander3 oy oldin

    When burglars see where not to enter his house because he explains exactly where everything is secured

  7. Salvador Trejo

    Salvador Trejo5 kun oldin

    Get a stradale 👀

  8. CommanderXane

    CommanderXane6 kun oldin

    What happened to the Ferrari?????

  9. Gavin

    GavinOy oldin

    Just go buy a gocart

  10. Matt Wright

    Matt WrightOy oldin

    Rip to his father he was a great man

  11. Cathy Rotter

    Cathy RotterOy oldin

    He should buy a Bugatti chiron

  12. JMnitro

    JMnitroOy oldin

    6:14 welp :(

  13. Jonathan Cruz

    Jonathan CruzOy oldin

    Why did he sell it for

  14. Michael Zeferino

    Michael ZeferinoOy oldin

    That Ferrari wasn't enjoyed to the fullest. I wish I would have seen more to be honest..

  15. cook4015

    cook40152 oy oldin

    I wanna see a ZR1 Corvette added to the channel. Not a fast car compared to your collection of cars but still a badass car none the less lol.

  16. River Sharp

    River Sharp2 oy oldin

    If 28 is old that means I am almost dead then born in 85'' lol your young bud

  17. Mercelita Asi

    Mercelita Asi2 oy oldin

    buy Lamborghini setenayo

  18. OrangeSpeed

    OrangeSpeed2 oy oldin

    Awww! This was my favorite car of yours. Really gonna miss it.

  19. Tannar Splitfire

    Tannar Splitfire2 oy oldin

    2 years!!! It feels like only 5 months

  20. vettebecker1

    vettebecker12 oy oldin

    Would have loved to had gotten my hands on this!!!

  21. Cam S

    Cam S2 oy oldin

    I know you won't like this suggestion for a new car to buy with the money, but me personally, I would go with a 458 Speciale

  22. Dolla

    Dolla2 oy oldin

    I don’t like stradman anymore you sold the Ferrari it was one of my favorite cars in your vlog I am unsubscribing I don’t even know why in the first place why I subscribed

  23. Josue Cabrera

    Josue Cabrera2 oy oldin


  24. Rahul B.

    Rahul B.2 oy oldin

    I wish he kept it

  25. KrispyHD

    KrispyHD2 oy oldin

    Nissan micra plz

  26. Chona Massingham

    Chona Massingham2 oy oldin

    I’m a kid I have a iPad I buy your car in the game

  27. Chona Massingham

    Chona Massingham2 oy oldin

    I buy your car in a game in my old iPhone or iPad

  28. 1HeUnknown0n3

    1HeUnknown0n33 oy oldin

    i wonder if strad an did a wide body and modified the tesla 🤷‍♂️

  29. 1HeUnknown0n3

    1HeUnknown0n33 oy oldin

    why does stradman always sell the fun cars 😢

  30. pro gamer omar

    pro gamer omar3 oy oldin

    I miss the Ferrari

  31. Adam J

    Adam J3 oy oldin

    Talk slower and talk less

  32. Moon Man

    Moon Man3 oy oldin

    You need to lift the Tesla and drop it in the GARBAGE CAN!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Billy Jr

    Billy Jr3 oy oldin

    Get a urus

  34. simply ice cream

    simply ice cream3 oy oldin

    I love his hype 😂🥰🤭

  35. Typical Greene

    Typical Greene3 oy oldin

    U should by a Lamborghini hurracan performante

  36. TheBeaverguy21

    TheBeaverguy213 oy oldin

    Whys the stradman rockin a Portland Blazers hoodie?

  37. Julian Femi Otieno

    Julian Femi Otieno3 oy oldin


  38. Julian Femi Otieno

    Julian Femi Otieno3 oy oldin

    C8 Corvett we need it back . PLEASE !!!!

  39. Crypticyz

    Crypticyz3 oy oldin

    Damn those 2 years went flying by

  40. Royal Gaming

    Royal Gaming3 oy oldin

    A v12 ferrari

  41. Parátko CZ

    Parátko CZ3 oy oldin


  42. josef barry

    josef barry3 oy oldin

    you should give it back

  43. xTheBloodyDeadx

    xTheBloodyDeadx3 oy oldin

    F*ck Tesla, F*ck automatics

  44. Wilson Kabela

    Wilson Kabela3 oy oldin

    Owned it for almost 2 years. Drove it a total of almost 10 times

  45. tillen farms pickled baby cucumbers

    tillen farms pickled baby cucumbers3 oy oldin


  46. Victor Rodriguez

    Victor Rodriguez3 oy oldin

    I cringed when Stradman started cutting that Aventdor! LOL!


    ANDERS KOAY YU CHENG Moe3 oy oldin

    I think james should get a ferrari 488 pista

  48. AryaGaming AG

    AryaGaming AG3 oy oldin

    Hi sir How are you

  49. Lamborghini Urus 2021

    Lamborghini Urus 20213 oy oldin

  50. unintimidated 86

    unintimidated 863 oy oldin

    Hey how are you? Thanks for your videos and being so positive

  51. Tyler Stlouis

    Tyler Stlouis3 oy oldin

    Stradman should buy a gt350 or a gt500

  52. LazyDumbo

    LazyDumbo3 oy oldin

    Who cares.

  53. Saiful Azly

    Saiful Azly3 oy oldin

    buy a 488 challenge

  54. Coyote Tango

    Coyote Tango3 oy oldin


  55. Jaylen Lee

    Jaylen Lee3 oy oldin

    Why did you sell the Ferrari thoooo?😭😭😭

  56. Andrew Larsen

    Andrew Larsen3 oy oldin

    No that was my favorite car

  57. Timothy D’Oliveira

    Timothy D’Oliveira3 oy oldin

    9:26 Noice

  58. witrex 123

    witrex 1233 oy oldin

    buy some day a sport supra

  59. Mc fancy

    Mc fancy3 oy oldin


  60. anish pranav

    anish pranav3 oy oldin

    1:03 that face looks like phill swift

  61. Abrar Hussain

    Abrar Hussain3 oy oldin

    Don't seel the lamborghini aventador


    LUCIFER GAMES3 oy oldin

    James you seriously should buy a 1998 twin turbo mk 4 Toyota supra 2jz and make a full customization on it with a charge speed full wide body kit skirts front and rear diffusers, camber the front and rear tires, mid level gt wing with a race exhaust. it would be dope

  63. TDOG2

    TDOG23 oy oldin

    Tesla’s are worse for the environment

  64. TDOG2

    TDOG23 oy oldin

    My trash cans full adventadors

  65. A Hemsley

    A Hemsley3 oy oldin


  66. Alexander Hilberger

    Alexander Hilberger3 oy oldin

    Next Car : 1st Cybertruck coming in 8 Months !

  67. Angelica Urquijo

    Angelica Urquijo3 oy oldin

    Chironor (elemto or Koenigsegg) I'm joking maybe a Chiron or Bentley or for u old man a rolls Royce

  68. TJBMX 18

    TJBMX 183 oy oldin

    Production of electricity is the #1 cause of carbon pollution😂

  69. Cole Dietrich

    Cole Dietrich3 oy oldin

    Stock Autobot setting, pretty cool. N/A . Supercharger magnetic everpropulsion kit ready? With alternator.

  70. Cole Dietrich

    Cole Dietrich3 oy oldin

    Bose exhaust. Bro

  71. mynameisbenmynameisben

    mynameisbenmynameisben3 oy oldin

    But koenigsegg

  72. mynameisbenmynameisben

    mynameisbenmynameisben3 oy oldin


  73. Miranda Kreilaus

    Miranda Kreilaus3 oy oldin


  74. Nine Nineski

    Nine Nineski3 oy oldin

    buy a huracan with 900hp

  75. Abuubaida Babu

    Abuubaida Babu3 oy oldin

    Buy a lambhorghini performante

  76. MD.Moinul Haque Khan

    MD.Moinul Haque Khan3 oy oldin

    James you should buy a murcielago and a 488pista and straight pipe it

  77. Philip Kordyshevskiy

    Philip Kordyshevskiy3 oy oldin

    He’s making cap space 😎

  78. Mark Erap Bago

    Mark Erap Bago3 oy oldin

    she tesla like a jelibin

  79. deep shark

    deep shark3 oy oldin

    U should try and buy a mk4 supra

  80. lol ster

    lol ster3 oy oldin

    @TheStradman how do you trust yourself doing this???

  81. Angelo Plays

    Angelo Plays3 oy oldin

    !warning! STOP SELLING CARS please

  82. Katie Phipps

    Katie Phipps3 oy oldin

    you need a rools

  83. Spencer Monroe

    Spencer Monroe3 oy oldin

    Love the vids

  84. SLURP OldMalone!

    SLURP OldMalone!3 oy oldin


  85. Trains1009

    Trains10093 oy oldin

    Or some Mclaren

  86. Trains1009

    Trains10093 oy oldin

    Buy a Mclaren 720S

  87. Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger3 oy oldin

    Keeping up with those payments bruh ?!

  88. KIWI_NIKE 511

    KIWI_NIKE 5113 oy oldin

    Me at 6:28 “sorry did you say something”

  89. John Keleste

    John Keleste3 oy oldin

    You should get a 1969 doge charger and design it like the Generator Lee

  90. Jonathan Greeindge

    Jonathan Greeindge3 oy oldin

    i think u should get a charger challenger or demon

  91. mar

    mar3 oy oldin

    9:23 69 nice

  92. Edwin vlogs

    Edwin vlogs3 oy oldin

    Save that money much and do some crazy mobs to the lambos

  93. Sonic

    Sonic3 oy oldin


  94. Lee Sheridan

    Lee Sheridan3 oy oldin

    @thestradman most importantly, how did you change your tesla avatar car to purple please?

  95. Lee Sheridan

    Lee Sheridan3 oy oldin

    oh maybe it was just blue, like the colour of the car

  96. FinerMercury771

    FinerMercury7713 oy oldin

    Widebody tesla

  97. Aaron Daniels

    Aaron Daniels3 oy oldin

    9:15 EV mode as opposed to what the gas motor on a Tesla?

  98. Prime Max

    Prime Max3 oy oldin

    How did he lose access to blinker fluids track?

  99. Alex Larsson

    Alex Larsson3 oy oldin

    your on a selling spree dude you gotta chill btw i love your vids dont stop with what your doing

  100. Jayden Hart

    Jayden Hart3 oy oldin

    Hey @thestradman. We need an update on cars

  101. moonlite

    moonlite3 oy oldin

    Get a Viper SRT-10!!! Awesome car and not gonna break the bank completely

  102. Elmnator1

    Elmnator13 oy oldin

    Only 8 fingers and 2 thumbs...LoL

  103. Akram Almajnoni

    Akram Almajnoni3 oy oldin

    Get 911 GT3 RS

  104. Milton Rodriguez

    Milton Rodriguez3 oy oldin

    Mclaren twin V8

  105. Carman

    Carman3 oy oldin

    Buy a Lamborghini Hurricane Perfomante

  106. Hunter Lastres

    Hunter Lastres3 oy oldin

    You should buy a Alfa Romeo disco volante

  107. Bad Boy

    Bad Boy3 oy oldin

    I think 100 times before trimming my eyebrows and here is Stradman trimming his lambo without any concern , wtFuuuck.

  108. Rippin Bud

    Rippin Bud3 oy oldin

    The strand an likes to do this thing where he makes us forget about a car and a year later say he’s selling a car so we think he’s talking about one of his cars that he usually shows but then sells the one that we forget about

  109. Vincent Costagliola

    Vincent Costagliola3 oy oldin

    James what year did you buy the R8? Trying to calculate how long I've been subscribed

  110. Federal IQ

    Federal IQ3 oy oldin

    Bro istg this man lives in GTA real life 😂