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  1. karim alghoul

    karim alghoul7 kun oldin

    The Lamborghini faster GTR

  2. karim alghoul

    karim alghoul7 kun oldin

    The Lamborghini faster

  3. karim alghoul

    karim alghoul7 kun oldin

    Am so sad you lost the race the GTR so fast why you not get the Lamborghini

  4. chiane1968

    chiane196810 kun oldin

    So you’re ok if I call her?

  5. l26

    l2610 kun oldin

    my other ear feels left out

  6. Tiger Uploads

    Tiger Uploads17 kun oldin

    I like the face that he has ten cars but does not now how to race

  7. Moro games

    Moro games18 kun oldin

    your cool

  8. Jimmy McMillan

    Jimmy McMillan19 kun oldin

    The supra: Hahaha turbo make me go big boom fast Me: pulls up in a koenigsegg agera Also me: not even a turbo can save you now

  9. Adrianne Jaramillo

    Adrianne Jaramillo21 kun oldin

    I like it Texas roadhouse my grandpa my grandma and my dad and Feliciana going to eat food I ate steak I don’t like potato

  10. Naseel

    Naseel23 kun oldin

    Nice stock supra

  11. Khristian Enirquez

    Khristian Enirquez24 kun oldin


  12. Ncbootleger308

    Ncbootleger30825 kun oldin

    Don't blame her lol

  13. Tanaya Peters

    Tanaya Peters26 kun oldin

    Lost his gf and dad wow

  14. Bunny

    Bunny27 kun oldin

    It’s the guy with the purple cars.

  15. Adam White

    Adam WhiteOy oldin

    GTR destroyed the Bugatti

  16. WoodytheGamer

    WoodytheGamerOy oldin

    You bought over a million dollars worth of cars but cant even build or buy a house, WOW! What a douchebag!

  17. Esham - FIFA Mobile

    Esham - FIFA Mobile27 kun oldin

    He is building a house you idiot

  18. Kende Popovics

    Kende PopovicsOy oldin

    You look like Paul Walker

  19. fourzero:)

    fourzero:)Oy oldin

    Bugatti vs caddilac wow the caddilac lost? Wow i am so surprised i rlly thought a fucking caddilac sedan would win a hypercar

  20. NotGalactek

    NotGalactekOy oldin

    James: I care about her 5 Seconds ago... James: I don’t care about her

  21. blue green orange 420

    blue green orange 420Oy oldin


  22. ilyas be

    ilyas beOy oldin

    ur a good man ur not so toxic u respecther and that's why i like you keep it up

  23. Khush Brar

    Khush BrarOy oldin

    6:40 ayeeee pubg boi😆😆😆

  24. lisaul-x

    lisaul-xOy oldin

    Do you think if you have a bugatti you're going to beat the legendary Supra?

  25. Mothercityguy

    MothercityguyOy oldin

    Respect bro you still have Oscar

  26. Tube You

    Tube YouOy oldin

    It doesn't matter now how rich u are or what you have or money.. women mentality completely changed over 5 years and they do not need a man anymore.. you can blame internet and USA influencing apps on smartphones! Women want to do their carrier same like men and relationships just stopping people to do it.. Today ppl wants to be artists and careerists. Less and less ppl do old style family sets and have kids.. Of course many of you ppl who reading this realised the situation. In the past women just attached to a man and lived like this. Now in this modern world is changed.. There will be less and less couples as everyone has their own future plans.. In distant future there will be no families or standard man and woman living together.. Everyone will be on their own and have short term relationships.. or just an order from internet.. As many ppl already doing it now..(mostly those models man and women) All this is becuse of the internet transparency ppl see how men and women getting famous or financially secured on internet. I am now single since 2016 I separated from my ex after 6 years and women aren't simply interested when they know you have kids ..this happening globally now.. Even ppl do not have 200 or 500 or 1000 real friends like they presenting themselves on social media like FB ''fake friends'' you have probably one or two.. All this social media mania is really bad for society we living in...

  27. Erl Ruffy

    Erl RuffyOy oldin

    3 weeks from now his father died how sad


    REXUS 誒GAMING誒Oy oldin

    James getting chicken dinner in Bugatti Veyron . We get in Pubg mobile.😂

  29. JMnitro

    JMnitroOy oldin

    I have no words for what he just said I mean I thought you two would last and then maybe get married but dam... 7:16 well that’s some good proof for the bug killer title 🤷‍♂️👍

  30. Trevor Vecchio

    Trevor VecchioOy oldin

    Everyone worried bout the break up, me worried about the oil leak😐

  31. Battle galaxy Pro

    Battle galaxy ProOy oldin

    The Veyron sounds like a jet!!!

  32. user

    userOy oldin

    7:12 when it starts

  33. Nathan Arroyo

    Nathan ArroyoOy oldin

    i miss the gallardo

  34. Owen Elder

    Owen ElderOy oldin


  35. Meme Review

    Meme ReviewOy oldin

    5:33 my right ear enjoyed this

  36. Hi Quarles

    Hi QuarlesOy oldin

    But he did one at the in

  37. Meera Singh ✓

    Meera Singh ✓Oy oldin

    I am a big car enthusiast. I was so upset on finding India's so called car youtubers like gaisal kahn who call or pretend themselves car guy without having any passion/knowledge about cars. So I started watching DDE, STRADMAN, SHMEE150, TAVARISH, HOOVIES GARAGE, MANNY KHOSHBIN AND VINWIKI I want your suggestion to start a channel inspired by donut media(specifically their up to speed series)in hindi to step up our INDIAN game. Plz.. share your views on this idea.

  38. THICCjeep

    THICCjeepOy oldin

    you know you are fat when you think Texas Roadhouse is more beautiful than Niagara Falls

  39. Dylan M

    Dylan MOy oldin

    Hopefully it's not a 90k fix like T-Pains Bugatti 😭😅😅

  40. Gaming Corral 123 Fanboy

    Gaming Corral 123 FanboyOy oldin

    The vid tittle is changed

  41. Tanner Chadwick

    Tanner ChadwickOy oldin

    Raycons are terrible

  42. Diantha Fuimaono

    Diantha FuimaonoOy oldin

    Stay strong

  43. Diantha Fuimaono

    Diantha FuimaonoOy oldin


  44. Michael Olson

    Michael OlsonOy oldin

    Sorry to hear you guys broke up. You're still the man James. Keep grinding.

  45. Jon Gib

    Jon GibOy oldin

    Hump n dump ! I know of her family, they didn’t approve of Strad & UZnick

  46. Jon Gib

    Jon GibOy oldin

    Honestly. The Veyron is hideous

  47. Harjaapplayz

    HarjaapplayzOy oldin


  48. Sahovan Maharaj

    Sahovan MaharajOy oldin

    I love how he's figured out UZnick and some of us figured out his finances 😂

  49. Mau5killa 2pac

    Mau5killa 2pacOy oldin

    Respect but the guy never stops talking jesus shut up

  50. GodziMoon

    GodziMoonOy oldin


  51. Koesrin 1208

    Koesrin 1208Oy oldin

    Strad is very talented in speech, communication and commenting.... not much people not get lost when speaking. Keep healthy bro... hello from Bali.

  52. dokier poker

    dokier pokerOy oldin

    supra : defeated* bugatti : celebrate gtr : *must avenge jdm car*

  53. Ibrahim Aamir

    Ibrahim AamirOy oldin


  54. Emi Zep

    Emi ZepOy oldin

    can't u just let us enjoy the first person race without screaming.-. jeez

  55. Nick Potgieter

    Nick PotgieterOy oldin

    The 1st part was real, really enjoyed seeing that part of you bud - makes you human! its inspiring! keep up the grind, MY FAVE UZnickr!! you and Nick of course!

  56. Seyed Hassan Razavi

    Seyed Hassan RazaviOy oldin

    Why don't you buy an Agera R?!

  57. Khizer Hussain

    Khizer HussainOy oldin

    Give him money

  58. Alchemist

    AlchemistOy oldin

    The veyron catched up soon in the longest highway.

  59. GokuHitEm

    GokuHitEmOy oldin

    In the Bugatti defense it’s at 850 😂 Full 1100 that would’ve been a good race

  60. shadowz_YT

    shadowz_YTOy oldin

    Is it just me, or did James look a bit down for the rest of the video 😕

  61. Aizaz Khan

    Aizaz KhanOy oldin

    Buy the lamborghini huracan Love from Pakistan

  62. Inbox Tv

    Inbox TvOy oldin

    Bro #fromphilipines

  63. Marijana Franciskovic

    Marijana FranciskovicOy oldin

    I all ready tought that oscar died😥

  64. Jonathan Cruz

    Jonathan CruzOy oldin

    Honestly it sucks to see her leave but best decision u made truly n honestly get her fixed right n done n maybe sell her lol .. hey I know never ever would happend cuz im poor but if u ever sell the skyline or have connects to get me one that be great. ... plz make someone's life in new jersey ..hehehe God bless bro keep doing you amazing work..

  65. Pineapple Tacos

    Pineapple TacosOy oldin

    Admit it -- most of y'all were triggered AF by that title thinkin' he'd done went and sold the Bug!!! 😂😂😂

  66. Laurence John Dela Cruz

    Laurence John Dela CruzOy oldin

    Is that a Suuuupppprraaaa!!!!!??

  67. Logan Armold

    Logan ArmoldOy oldin

    Just imagine if tanners gtr was their

  68. Robert Smith

    Robert SmithOy oldin

    Sorry buddy

  69. Max Sanchez

    Max SanchezOy oldin


  70. Freshy

    FreshyOy oldin

    The definition of pay to win

  71. ACrippledCaveMan

    ACrippledCaveManOy oldin

    Also, glad you didn’t buy her a nice car. That would have made things really awkward.

  72. ACrippledCaveMan

    ACrippledCaveManOy oldin

    My guess is she found a guy who wore $6 shirts and shorts 😂. Had to say it. Best of luck

  73. ThatOliveguy

    ThatOliveguyOy oldin

    Goodbye #tessa_the_thiccc you hate to see her go

  74. magic wand

    magic wandOy oldin

    I hope and prays the transition bring perfect and everlasting harmony for both yawl.. .... Deep down , am nursing the feeling that you both will sometime in the very near future re-think your options .. great relationship comes at a very high price and sacrifices.. Thx James 4 sharing.

  75. Gizxy_05

    Gizxy_05Oy oldin

    That thing really has *10 Radiators* ...that's just crazzzy dude

  76. Terminator ProGaming

    Terminator ProGamingOy oldin

    Honestly when I saw the title I thought he was gonna say I'm breaking up with the bugatti

  77. El Monstro7

    El Monstro7Oy oldin

    Bruh fucken send it we dont need to know everything

  78. Shark Sparavier

    Shark SparavierOy oldin

    How the hell does he start with an Audi and then goes on to own 2 lambos 1 gtr 1 Bugatti and a warehouse like he chased his dreams like he said he were going to do.

  79. Hanging with Mr Keith

    Hanging with Mr KeithOy oldin

    Somebody needs to show this to @kalimuscle lmao 😂 don’t disrespect the GTR

  80. Vll Sc4rX llV

    Vll Sc4rX llV2 oy oldin

    I just noticed the Bugatti has 10 more cylinders than the Supra

  81. Ollie’s Wacky World

    Ollie’s Wacky World2 oy oldin

    Is that racing illegal

  82. Aibreann Vanhattem

    Aibreann Vanhattem2 oy oldin

    I'm happy it broke cuz it proves that you should of gotten the mclaren although the bugatti is nice

  83. daryl wizzard

    daryl wizzard2 oy oldin

    I think Bugati is an extremely ugly looking car. I don't get it why they're so desirable.

  84. Travis Hartley

    Travis Hartley2 oy oldin


  85. couth elle

    couth elle2 oy oldin

    James' break up news is my favorite part of this. It shows that James is a gentleman and has a good heart. He got mu full respect. But as for James' purple Bugatti. I still really think that James made Bugatti cheap 😅 sorry James but what you did with your Bugatti doesn't seem right. its value just went to the trash. 😅

  86. Joseph Pech-Buzek

    Joseph Pech-Buzek2 oy oldin

    how dosent your puppy siter try to steal your cars.

  87. Dylan M

    Dylan M2 oy oldin

    I wish I could laugh about a possible 40k bill 😅😅

  88. Ho Lee Fuk

    Ho Lee Fuk2 oy oldin

    Man ... I wanted to point out the fact that she didn't appear in the vlogs anymore

  89. SavageBeast 762

    SavageBeast 7622 oy oldin

    Lmao just admit that she dumped you


    MAX CIGARSKI2 oy oldin

    You could hear the pain in his voice 🥺

  91. EvenzoMusic

    EvenzoMusic2 oy oldin

    I swear I have watched all his videos, did not know he had a girlfriend lol I can't be the only one that was saying this either.

  92. NJ Animeluvr

    NJ Animeluvr2 oy oldin

    I just realised the girl i had a crush on likes my roommate. And here's james breaking up and smiling. Who am i ? You're a big inspiration dude!❤️

  93. brandon vega

    brandon vega2 oy oldin

    the bug has more miles than my mazda cx-5

  94. GreekDim

    GreekDim2 oy oldin

    Why is he filing bankruptcy confused

  95. Kaneez Fatima

    Kaneez Fatima2 oy oldin

    At least they can be friends!

  96. Zeb1957

    Zeb19572 oy oldin

    I kinda knew this was coming I been like where is she? WHERE IS SHE?

  97. im_r0by

    im_r0by2 oy oldin

    gtr is lighter

  98. Noaht Hohz

    Noaht Hohz2 oy oldin

    can someone explain to me how the gtr is much faster? more hp or something?

  99. GamersDad

    GamersDad2 oy oldin

    And here in my country Pakistan, People think Toyota Corollas and Honda Civics are fast cars.

  100. Hamse

    HamseOy oldin

    The two legendaries 😂😂😂

  101. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee2 oy oldin

    You better be doing good off camera too Strad. Been watching your shit since the nearly the beginning and you’ve been thru far more tougher times, you know this. Take your time, do you. Do what you love, love what you do and your people love you for it. ✊👍

  102. Conman752

    Conman7522 oy oldin

    He has so much energy despite going through a breakup and casually mentioning that he is filing for bankruptcy. He'll figure it out and come back better than ever

  103. Shammy Boy

    Shammy Boy2 oy oldin

    This is what happens when you don’t look after a 1 million dollar car. Drive it but don’t destroy it. Ur an idiot mate