Aventador Widebody Arrives for PAINT!!

Check out FI Exhaust! bit.ly/3kGOF77


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  1. Veneanu

    Veneanu8 kun oldin

    what do you do for a living?

  2. J Ledge

    J Ledge25 kun oldin

    I love the Stradman, and watch all his videos...but not a fan of the pink car. Love Johnny’s reaction, I was nervous that he wouldn’t like the new exhaust.

  3. Anusha

    Anusha28 kun oldin

    Good colour!

  4. Brooks Cline

    Brooks ClineOy oldin

    Your sooooo rich

  5. Brooks Cline

    Brooks ClineOy oldin


  6. Unknown Unicorn562

    Unknown Unicorn562Oy oldin

    RIP Stradman's Dad 😞

  7. couch surfer

    couch surferOy oldin

    Can’t way for the 6x6 Gladiator!!

  8. alpha hawk

    alpha hawkOy oldin

    STARDMAN PAINT LUMILOR (www.lumilor.co.in/?date=2018-5&t=full) PAINT STRIPE ON THE GTR i am going to comment this till stradman does it

  9. Itzwintox gaming

    Itzwintox gamingOy oldin

    Plz put jake brake on the gladiator plsssss

  10. S gonzalez

    S gonzalezOy oldin

    When did James Murray from impractical jokers Make a UZnick channel

  11. Josiah ping

    Josiah pingOy oldin

    9:20 is that a F-450?

  12. TJ For Life

    TJ For LifeOy oldin

    why is it that strad never has any good luck with new cars they always have a Christmas tree inside

  13. Mason Morcom

    Mason MorcomOy oldin

    i knew it pink

  14. nazia zubari

    nazia zubariOy oldin

    Bro I am in Canada so I am in mississauga

  15. nazia zubari

    nazia zubariOy oldin

    Stranman the pink is so cool the laborgini aventador

  16. Scatix4740 wasd

    Scatix4740 wasdOy oldin

    wait but why would you sell your better supra to buy another worse one?

  17. Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf27 kun oldin

    He didn't buy a supra

  18. Sam Roberts

    Sam RobertsOy oldin


  19. Matthew Markowski

    Matthew MarkowskiOy oldin

    I hate pink.

  20. Not a lot

    Not a lotOy oldin

    how long does it take to extend a jeep?? just saying im impatient at this point.

  21. Selma Nehale

    Selma NehaleOy oldin

    Ear Rape

  22. Jason Kyle Chua

    Jason Kyle ChuaOy oldin

    no wonder the gladiator was gone from the garage it's still in the warehouse or somethin

  23. Spencer Blankenship

    Spencer BlankenshipOy oldin

    Shows how cool James is that he bought the 12c basically to help someone and now he’s got a bunch of issues with it that really sucks. Hope the guy he bought it from appreciates what James did

  24. Omar Posada Garcia

    Omar Posada GarciaOy oldin

    why pink

  25. Ali Haider

    Ali Haider2 oy oldin

    Buy that car

  26. Summer Wardle

    Summer Wardle2 oy oldin

    I love it so much

  27. AMC 718

    AMC 7182 oy oldin

    Aventanodoor hint hint nudge nudge lamborghini execs

  28. Thekrisfam !

    Thekrisfam !2 oy oldin

    Did you get your pilot license yet?

  29. Cr7Savage_FTW

    Cr7Savage_FTW2 oy oldin

    I love it so much I made my aventador in the crew 2 that color pink 😂

  30. Mr. Felipe

    Mr. Felipe2 oy oldin

    I love the new color for the wide body Aventador and it looks amazing specially in the Utah sun. I can"t wait this car to be done asap.

  31. Honey Hasan

    Honey Hasan2 oy oldin

    loud car

  32. Geronimo de Los Cielos

    Geronimo de Los Cielos2 oy oldin

    Great Color!!!

  33. Im_Dienamix LGG

    Im_Dienamix LGG2 oy oldin

    "Aventinodoor" 🤣

  34. Super Drifter

    Super Drifter2 oy oldin

    The Maclaren:NUKE IN COMMING

  35. Name Name

    Name Name2 oy oldin

    Has any of your neighbors left because of you?

  36. Joshua Galvan

    Joshua Galvan2 oy oldin

    I love that color it's going to look on the car


    NIRAV PATEL2 oy oldin

    Actually a it’s a good colour choice

  38. Lang Palahuddin

    Lang Palahuddin2 oy oldin

    Maybe james should wide body kit a tesla

  39. Jay MaC

    Jay MaC2 oy oldin

    Painting is pink... stupid

  40. Jayden Luke

    Jayden Luke2 oy oldin

    Utah weather is wired it confuses me every single day

  41. Shakeel Ahmed

    Shakeel Ahmed2 oy oldin

    why you sell your audi r8

  42. Patrick Shea

    Patrick Shea2 oy oldin

    I have a feeling he chose this color because he secretly has preplanned to sell to Jeffrey Star in a few months once the build is finished in order to purchase something else.

  43. Kyle Matheson

    Kyle Matheson2 oy oldin

    Ugliest Lambo in the world get a grip dude

  44. Moloko Rasefate

    Moloko Rasefate2 oy oldin

    Liberty is way better than masonry

  45. Greg Mojher

    Greg Mojher2 oy oldin

    Looks like a bass boat

  46. Ford galaxie Fan club

    Ford galaxie Fan club2 oy oldin

    It was 75 degrees in Montreal last week and it’s snowing now so we can both relate James 😂

  47. Calvin White

    Calvin White2 oy oldin

    Inspiration man you motivate me to keep grinding till i get to where your at in life!

  48. Vloogle

    Vloogle2 oy oldin

    The whole plan was to flip the wide body to Jeffree Star for a sizeable sum.

  49. NeonLightz

    NeonLightz2 oy oldin

    James you need another Supra 😩 you can’t lie that the bug and Supra look good next to each other

  50. Tahir

    Tahir2 oy oldin

    i feel special bc i said to paint it pink like 2 months ago

  51. Texan Gamer

    Texan Gamer2 oy oldin

    Build the hellcat motor and then you get more then 1000 hp

  52. Zunaid Habibullah

    Zunaid Habibullah2 oy oldin


  53. Zekethebeast ztb

    Zekethebeast ztb2 oy oldin


  54. The300ZXGuru

    The300ZXGuru2 oy oldin

    what ever happened to the TT galordo? Is it still in chicago?

  55. Anthony Diaz

    Anthony Diaz2 oy oldin

    Color is fire

  56. Pimped Mobility Project

    Pimped Mobility Project2 oy oldin

    Tavarish has some Bugatti headlights for sale

  57. Don Chapman

    Don Chapman2 oy oldin

    Absolutely disgusting

  58. Jack Griffiths

    Jack Griffiths2 oy oldin

    What an awful colour😂

  59. Lindos

    Lindos2 oy oldin

    You know you made it when you’re life is filming yourself doing supercar builds Well done strad

  60. Duncan Collie

    Duncan Collie2 oy oldin

    Too much talking

  61. angel santiago

    angel santiago2 oy oldin

    i like the pink looks sick

  62. Unique. Akbar

    Unique. Akbar2 oy oldin

    Jefree star has entered the chat

  63. NotYou

    NotYou2 oy oldin

    His bank has gotta be so confused...

  64. Brennan Dietz

    Brennan Dietz2 oy oldin

    Been watching your videos for 4 years, can’t wait to meet you someday

  65. John Baek

    John Baek2 oy oldin

    James, I gotta give u a compliment on your teeth. I was watching a very old vlog and noticed the difference. Def one of your best upgrades. Looking good very nice and white grill u have now.

  66. linus rabinovic

    linus rabinovic2 oy oldin

    wrap the bug blue

  67. Evelyn Anderson

    Evelyn Anderson2 oy oldin

    you used to go to the nazerine church

  68. BlakeHimself

    BlakeHimself2 oy oldin


  69. Enos nixon

    Enos nixon2 oy oldin

    is stradman gey?

  70. ________

    ________2 oy oldin

    All the other stradman decisions that have lead him to this point in his life=yaaaaaaaaaa! This one ill advised move...........wa-whaaaaaaa

  71. ________

    ________2 oy oldin

    Should have done a wrap so you wouldn't regret this decision for the rest of your life

  72. ________

    ________2 oy oldin


  73. ________

    ________2 oy oldin

    There s a reason only two other people have made such a bad Lamborghini discussion

  74. ________

    ________2 oy oldin


  75. Bryan Merchan

    Bryan Merchan2 oy oldin


  76. Mo B

    Mo B2 oy oldin


  77. Julian Laisnez

    Julian Laisnez2 oy oldin

    So this one going to JefferyStar too?

  78. Julian Laisnez

    Julian Laisnez2 oy oldin

    Get a motor from Nelson Racing engines Symmetrical TT427 1650hp

  79. Adam Foster

    Adam Foster2 oy oldin

    Lost interest in the 4x4, even forgot you had 1 it's been too long and not even worth it

  80. damien hostey

    damien hostey2 oy oldin

    Pink why

  81. Planned by Tesla Daily

    Planned by Tesla Daily2 oy oldin

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  82. Sofia

    Sofia2 oy oldin


  83. Sofia

    Sofia2 oy oldin

    Here's his WhatsApp contact 👇

  84. Alex Cobb's

    Alex Cobb's2 oy oldin

    Wow that is awesome, please how can I reach him ?

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  87. Leo Kozsuch

    Leo Kozsuch2 oy oldin

    Color is insane

  88. Caleb Pringle

    Caleb Pringle2 oy oldin

    Stradman, can I have that 12c? Someone just hit the back of my car today. I'm actually so pissed lol but its worth a try

  89. Dre Wilkinson

    Dre Wilkinson2 oy oldin


  90. Dre Wilkinson

    Dre Wilkinson2 oy oldin


  91. Tyler Shinner

    Tyler Shinner2 oy oldin

    Why pink

  92. TomiokaDanger

    TomiokaDanger2 oy oldin

    I love it

  93. MXRuben

    MXRuben2 oy oldin

    Meet Jeffery when it’s done

  94. MXRuben

    MXRuben2 oy oldin

    It’s dope

  95. Flury Glow

    Flury Glow2 oy oldin

    I live in North Carolina

  96. Nomad

    Nomad2 oy oldin

    Don’t sell the mc, just fix it and then keep it

  97. Zachary Burket

    Zachary Burket2 oy oldin

    Something tells me Jeffree Star is going to buy this once it's done.

  98. paisano316

    paisano3162 oy oldin

    Cringe. Just go ahead and copy Jeffrey Star. He already has pastel colored super cars and hyper cars.

  99. Nihal Voddi

    Nihal Voddi2 oy oldin


  100. Guus

    Guus2 oy oldin

    Be honest guys this kinda pink avantador with white weels is gonna look just to good

  101. angel negron

    angel negron2 oy oldin

    Their will be one person interested in that car.

  102. AaronWentzel

    AaronWentzel2 oy oldin

    Dumbest damn color 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  103. Jelly-Bryce

    Jelly-Bryce2 oy oldin

    It’s gonna look sick

  104. nithin r

    nithin r2 oy oldin

    I don’t hate nor like the paint but I’m just ok with it

  105. TheLastLaVoitureNoire

    TheLastLaVoitureNoire2 oy oldin

    Stradman: says random color Me: just a fancy word for pink

  106. Jesse Keen

    Jesse Keen2 oy oldin

    Waiting for my Doge Coin investments to pay out, here shopping for ideas on how to spend my money.