My name is James and I love supercars! My dream car is a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale, hence the screen name "Strad"man.

I own a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo in Arancio Borealis and I live in Park City, Utah.

Check out on Facebook and Instagram @thestradman for pictures as well:

  1. kai Ong

    kai Ong11 soat oldin

    whos back here when James got the venti roadster Fi exhaust

  2. Muhammad Umer

    Muhammad Umer11 soat oldin

    i need a car

  3. Pranav Cs

    Pranav Cs11 soat oldin

    Bro I watched it in 2 device's one using headphones, and other speaker using other device at full volume

  4. Stang123

    Stang12311 soat oldin

    selling the Raptor?


    SMARTIN YT11 soat oldin

    This is so hard to watch i have watched you for 3 years and this is the first time i have seen you cri. Sorry man

  6. shadowz_YT

    shadowz_YT11 soat oldin

    My guy is buying cars like in forza horizon 😅

  7. Emily James

    Emily James12 soat oldin

    *I made 36.000 usd with my investment of 5.000 usd, I didn't make the trade my self. Expert Linda Henderson made the successful trade for me*

  8. Emily James

    Emily James12 soat oldin

    *I made 36.000 usd with my investment of 5.000 usd, I didn't make the trade my self. Expert Linda Henderson made the successful trade for me*

  9. Emily James

    Emily James12 soat oldin

    *I made 30.000 usd with my investment of 5.000 usd, I didn't make the trade my self. Expert Linda Henderson made the successful trade for me*

  10. Emily James

    Emily James12 soat oldin

    *I made 30.000 usd with my investment of 5.000 usd, I didn't make the trade my self. Expert Linda Henderson made the successful trade for me*

  11. Alfredo Ortiz

    Alfredo Ortiz12 soat oldin

    I'm so excited last I know you've done a lot to do any videos I know it's been really hard I'm sorry and the only thing I'm going to say is your dad was a great person the videos I think even greater in person probably than in videos I probably think he was better in your life he was a really good person and I really good dad I think and hope everything with this

  12. David Félegyházi

    David Félegyházi12 soat oldin

    I never cry over a video. But... but the fact is my dad is having also issues with his heart. And I'm afraid of losing him.

  13. Yvan Official Youtube

    Yvan Official Youtube12 soat oldin

    Watching Strad past. who's watching too

  14. Karmo Rezko

    Karmo Rezko12 soat oldin

    When will you post the next video?

  15. Ryanaung Ryanchen

    Ryanaung Ryanchen12 soat oldin

    That lambo is so loud even if I use hedphone

  16. Dakota Herring

    Dakota Herring12 soat oldin

    Whats going on with Gallardo

  17. Mohammed Alhammadi

    Mohammed Alhammadi12 soat oldin

    Cool cars

  18. King Se

    King Se12 soat oldin

    I drove a laferri

  19. Gurtaj singh Grewal

    Gurtaj singh Grewal12 soat oldin

    Buy the lambo thts supervloud

  20. Victor Latorre romero

    Victor Latorre romero12 soat oldin

    The bugatti sounds like a fricking plane. I love it

  21. Taylor Carr

    Taylor Carr12 soat oldin

    2 aventadors, a murciélago, gallardo and urus. Insane 😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  22. Farmsim20 Gaming

    Farmsim20 Gaming12 soat oldin

    You’ve got a sticker throttle

  23. remix Fm

    remix Fm12 soat oldin

    ما شاء الله

  24. jello and beauplayz

    jello and beauplayz12 soat oldin

    I have a 2017 koenigsegg

  25. jello and beauplayz

    jello and beauplayz12 soat oldin

    I would rather drive a koenigsegg r

  26. CoolguyRBLX

    CoolguyRBLX12 soat oldin

    5:32 Me: turns volume on laptop from 55 - 10 for my headset

  27. Adniel Agirregomezkorta

    Adniel Agirregomezkorta12 soat oldin


  28. Robert Marks

    Robert Marks13 soat oldin

    Stradman cover your ears more pls,man, once you lose your hearing I doesn't come back!

  29. Paridocx's

    Paridocx's13 soat oldin

    You know there’s a game called car dealership tycoon in Roblox and they are selling your car

  30. samuel heilers

    samuel heilers13 soat oldin


  31. Sangeen Hayat Babar

    Sangeen Hayat Babar13 soat oldin

    Another day stradman making history

  32. john94si

    john94si13 soat oldin

    The idle issue is a vacuum leak. Just check the emission hoses for cracks with a smoke machine

  33. Void-YT

    Void-YT13 soat oldin

    Who’s here on June 24, 2021?

  34. itsyeboimini ham

    itsyeboimini ham13 soat oldin

    he is selling that car before you know it

  35. PiMaC1985

    PiMaC198513 soat oldin

    Fun fact: that Bugatti "Angel" Chiron is also coming from Canada (previously owned by Olivier Benloulou in Gatineau, Québec) Go check out his IG at obprestigeauto its an INSANE car collection!

  36. Fortnite Gamer

    Fortnite Gamer14 soat oldin

    mansory wide body kit maybe for the Urus in black????

  37. Xander

    Xander14 soat oldin

    On touch of modern there is this super sick car

  38. Doggo bindi

    Doggo bindi14 soat oldin

    Hey Stradman can you do a video on the twin turbo gallardo Because it might be ready in july

  39. Jossi 1234

    Jossi 123414 soat oldin


  40. Huracan_

    Huracan_14 soat oldin

    I love his enthusiasm about cars but man he goes through cars fast, how long do you think this ones gonna last XD.

  41. martin playz

    martin playz14 soat oldin

    pls buy the lamborghini sv roadster

  42. Jeff The Carrot

    Jeff The Carrot14 soat oldin

    why must stephen go to jail 😭

  43. Jon Zie

    Jon Zie14 soat oldin

    Can you do Tesla roster versus Bugatti Veyron

  44. jin's plays gaming fun show

    jin's plays gaming fun show14 soat oldin

    Pls buy Bugatti car

  45. The Hashir Ahmad  Show

    The Hashir Ahmad Show15 soat oldin

    Race your BUGATTI against a helicopter

  46. smooth symmetry

    smooth symmetry15 soat oldin

    Is your dad still alive??


    DANIEL_PLAYEZ15 soat oldin

    sheeeeeesh dde:000

  48. Aljaž Podkrižnik

    Aljaž Podkrižnik15 soat oldin


  49. matthew steinmetz

    matthew steinmetz15 soat oldin

    look at new Bugatti

  50. Joe Tseng

    Joe Tseng15 soat oldin

    Guess we will see Fi exhaust again pretty soon

  51. DPrime

    DPrime15 soat oldin

    "You can only float as high as the balloons around you will let you."

  52. Jordan _Poes

    Jordan _Poes15 soat oldin

    I miss the baby lambo so much

  53. Jhian Brent Faundo

    Jhian Brent Faundo15 soat oldin

    Stradman plssss dont sell ur car i wanna buy it if im a big boy plssssssss

  54. im FuNkY

    im FuNkY15 soat oldin

    I would like to drive a libertywalk nissan gtr in my driving test

  55. Akram Bar

    Akram Bar16 soat oldin

    He gotta have a 900 Credit score

  56. Acumen Gumbo

    Acumen Gumbo16 soat oldin

    Buy a fogt

  57. Ja_playz

    Ja_playz16 soat oldin

    Plz overnight in the urus

  58. Donut Dan

    Donut Dan16 soat oldin

    A Urus? Yawn. Looks like every other SUV I see in Utah. Still waiting for a proper JDM car.

  59. just honest reviews

    just honest reviews17 soat oldin

    buy the buggati because u sold the buggati anf now buy the buggati chiron please

  60. Calvin Kariuki

    Calvin Kariuki17 soat oldin



    DEATH ROW GAMING17 soat oldin


  62. Mohammed Zanil

    Mohammed Zanil17 soat oldin

    Just buy a rolls royce 🤤

  63. Young Trapping

    Young Trapping17 soat oldin

    how is it 770 horsepower and he said he has a tune that made it go lower 🤣😭

  64. Bhachi Ram

    Bhachi Ram17 soat oldin


  65. Dylan Serpico

    Dylan Serpico17 soat oldin

    James:you could fit a small kid in the boot Me:lamborgini sian AMBER alert lic/xxxxxxxxxx

  66. Matty FN

    Matty FN17 soat oldin


  67. MemeGalore

    MemeGalore17 soat oldin

    I’m sorry for your loss, I’m sure he’s proudly watching you from above. You have done soo well! Sending love and respect, from all of us

  68. Perfect Potential

    Perfect Potential17 soat oldin

    1:20 dude youre rude. 😂 I'm as slim (yet muscular) as could be, even I find the trip would be so much more fun with the right food. 💥 But no front I know all youre spending on is cars. 💪😂

  69. dfaovred

    dfaovred17 soat oldin

    I was really hoping you'd buy the Ford GT! Keep up the amazing content.

  70. Nizzleknight

    Nizzleknight17 soat oldin


  71. Real Life

    Real Life17 soat oldin

    are you rich or something

  72. luke maguire

    luke maguire17 soat oldin

    OMG.So I recently started watching impractical jokers and you look just like a person on the show called Murr.

  73. Keegan Sensmeier

    Keegan Sensmeier17 soat oldin

    You need to fight floyd mayweather make it famous so u You can make a lot of money and buy a Chiron and what ever other cars

  74. Hans Kagura

    Hans Kagura18 soat oldin

    When l am 16 l would like to drive a bugatti divo super fast hey

  75. sarah conley

    sarah conley18 soat oldin

    Rich Post is Awesome lol. He's my hero for his AC/DC reference alone!!! Rock on!! Now I have two men in your family to admire!!! Bless your heart

  76. deven naidu

    deven naidu18 soat oldin

    I have been whatcha all your video wen u had the r 8 I'm sorry bro😪😔🤧😭

  77. FalconXE302

    FalconXE30218 soat oldin

    Should it not be a Tractor if it's an anniversary vehicle...LoL...

  78. S5oggyChair

    S5oggyChair18 soat oldin

    White interior